Chapter 59-1

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Chapter 59 - Without the cold, how can the plum blossoms release its aroma?


Sometimes, the outcome of the match is reflected on the faces of the audience. And if you look at Tin and Pete on the bleachers, you could tell exactly what is happening on the field.

The score is now 1-0.

And it's not them with the 1, it's them with the 0.

Captain Techno anxiously watches the match. The feelings of triumph and confidence from winning the previous match have all disappeared away. The enthusiasm of the other team is so overwhelming. There are numerous cheers and shouts opposite the football field.

There is hope for the last three minutes of the goal, but at this moment, there is an accident on the field.



*Ahh! ~*

Type, who was dribbling the ball, suddenly collides with a member of the opponent team. His tall frame collapses into the grass, both hands tightly grabbing his leg, as his face turns pale. As the spectators look on worriedly, there is a sharp blow of the whistle. The people on the field rush over to see the situation.

In the end...... There is no choice but to swap players.

"Can he do it...?"

Tin looks at the people on the field as they discuss worriedly amongst themselves. Both hands against his chest, he fixes an unmoving stare onto Can, worry flashing in his eyes. Seeing the situation unfold, Can glances repeatedly at his seniors, as though he has just been stunned.

Hearing Tin's words, Pete whispers back at him, "If you are so worried about Can... Why don't you tell him up front?"

Pete seldom bothers about other people's business, but this time he can tell how much his friend cares about the other.

"I can, but he won't understand."

"It's not that he doesn't understand, it's that you haven't made yourself clear enough?"

Tin turns to Pete with a murderous glint in his eyes, and Pete has no choice but to apologize.

 "I really don't mean to be nosy about your business, I just feel that Can was really very elated about your arrival. I don't know why Can would want to think of you only as a friend. Everyone already feels that Can isn't the same person like before, he has become a lot less chattier. Could it be because of your unwillingness to meet him that led him to become like this?"

"Why do I have to meet him?"

Tin is after all, still that cold and aloof Tin. Pete hesitates for a while, before sighing. "Can actually didn't want me to tell you... But I met Can at the college entrance, and he seemed to be waiting for you. I wasn't not too sure myself, so I went up to ask him. He told me he wasn't sure why he was here, when he came to his senses he was already in front of our school building. I don't know if he is already so accustomed to coming back to our building, but I am sure he was there to see you."

Pete isn't saying this to encourage him. He is saying this as it is what he saw with his own eyes.

No matter what Can says to his friends, his own behavior is already proof that he is affected by Tin, and it's not just a little bit.

After hearing this, Tin seems a little out of sorts. He solemnly watches the last three minutes of the match, his gaze fixed on the figure running across the field, drenched in sweat and determined to shoot a goal.

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