~ thirty four ~

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     The rest of the day at school wasn't really
all that exciting or anything. The only thing that's buzzing around my head is "Shit, we 'ave to perform tonight?! Seriously?!", honestly. I wasn't expecting to be put on the spot like that and I doubt any of the others were either. Not even Richard, who knew about this for God knows how long. Why did he decide to tell us about it just now?

      I held my rucksack against my spine as I kept my gaze down at the floor. My hands gripped the straps tightly as my mind was racing at a thousand miles a minute. The hallways around me were packed-full of other students and it was hard to maneuver down the corridors without panicking.

      Not only did I have to worry about performing, I also have to worry about the
rumors about Paul and I. About what everyone around me was inevitably thinking about us. With their glares and laughs, it was so obvious to me that they saw me as a joke. Their eyes are like daggers. Their quick glances could cripple, I swear. And the crowd of birds infront of me whispering and staring at me like i'm some type of monster broke me.

      My mind is just one big, tangled mess at the moment, don't know if that was obvious.

      "Is something the matter?" I asked them in a snide tone.

      There was no doubt in my mind that these girls are Jane's friends.

      "Not at all. Why?" A girl with black locks replied with a sarcastic smile.

      In the distance I saw George for the first time today. He's kept himself pretty distant from me ever since Paul and I stopped talking, understandably so.

      I wonder what he's got to say?

      He didn't speak up, though. He only stayed far away and watched me as I was stood infront of that group of girls.

      "Look, whatever ye heard abou' Paul and I- Jus know it ain't true." I replied, biting back the harsh words that wanted to escape my mouth. I kept my eyes on George. "Don't listen to every little rumor ye hear, alright? 'Cause it's jus a rumor."

      "Doubtful, but whateva'." The girl snapped. "I've seen the way ye two look at eachother and Jane told me more than enough details, Lennon."

      I rolled my eyes and clenched my fist. Instead of letting my temper take control of me yet again, I pushed passed the group and made my way over to George who was still staring at me.

      "Ey." Is all I said as I approached the curious lad.

      George only stared back at me with an uninterested expression upon his face.

      "Ye gonna speak or what?" I asked.

      "...Are ye still mad wi' me?" I asked softly.

     "What for?" George asked.

      My eyes widened, "...For pretty much everythin' that's occured between us since we met?"

      "If I held a grudge wi' everythin' ye did, I doubt we'd ever be able to be band mates, yeah? John, everythin's water under the bridge between us, honestly. It's alright... We're cool." George replied all in the same breath.

       I'd be bloody lying if I said I wasn't shocked at this moment.

      "Plus. Most of the shit I was angry wi' ye for was outta yer control." George finished.

       I leaned against the lockers and sighed, "And what's that mean?"

       George leaned into a whisper, "Even though it never sat right wi' me... I kinda realized that if Paulie likes ye... what rights do I got to dislike ye? ...Yer not a bad person. No one is!"

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