⌜ end ⌟

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tell us more papa!

renjun smiled, putting the photo book down and carried one of the twins, ❝your papa, dada, and daddy lived happily ever after.

that's all?❞ the short one standing pouted.

the chinese nodded, placing the other down his lap as he sat down on the sofa, ❝we lived happily ever after with jun and jin!

the princess has appeared!

renjun jerked his head to the side and laughed when he saw donghyuck's panic look at his two children carrying a tray of candies. a chubby baby girl was giving her older brother a confused look, probably because he called himself a princess.

but you are a boy.❞ she said.

chan shrugged, ❝still a princess.

she then showed a smile, raising the tray up, making donghyuck running towards but was stopped by mark who just giggled. ❝i'm a prince then!

the twins, that are around her age, just laughed, ❝you are a horse.

excuse me?

chan sighed, placing the tray down the coffee table and patted his sister's shoulder, ❝the twins speaks the truth.

you're supposed to be one my side!❞ dahyun pouted, ❝what kind of brother are you?

they were then cut off by a doorbell ringing. renjun placed the twins down, making them go to dahyun and tease her about being a horse. a cute one of course. they patted her head and stuff, making dahyun almost lose her patience meanwhile, renjun opened the door and greeted the married couple together with their son. about to hug the married couple, a kid pushed renjun away and hugged the son that had an annoyed look on.


chenle giggled and went inside the house to hug renjun, ❝hey there ge.

renjun was about to say something but decided to take this chance and make someone jealous, just like the old days. he placed a hand behind chenle and rubbed circles around his back, his face buried on the younger's neck and hugged the younger chinese very tight.

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