Chapter 24

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Abhinay pov

Next morning

"Mom had agreed for the marriage." I announced as I entered my room with a smirk on my lips along with the feeling of victory whilst my mind was swirling with the thoughts of what I would do to her once me and Tara gets hitched. Ofcourse, I am planning for the revenge.


How dared she threw her slipper at me? I curled my fist at this thought.

She hurted my ego god dammit !

I clenched my jaws as I remembered that day.

I still can't believe how she fucking dared to do that. I was so merciful to let this matter go smoothly even though my insides were burning with rage at that time. Even still I could feel anger whenever I think about that eventful day. But not now! She will face the consequences for messing with me, after all she messed with a wrong person. I am not the one who forgives easily.

My chain of thoughts broke when Viraj exclaimed.

" Wow ! Congrats Abhinay. Can't believe mom just agreed with the marriage." Viraj was amazed. And this led my smirk to get more widen at his remark.

Ofcourse ! Even I was amazed with my mom's decision.

" So when is your engagement?" He asked with curiosity.

I smirked while lifting my gaze towards the ceiling, admiring the hanging chandelier after I sat on the edge of my bed.

" Tomorrow." I announced, making those idiots shocked from the news.

" So soon?" Vinay frowned.

" And what about Tara? Last time we checked she wasn't even willing to cooperate with us. I don't think she would even give her consent for the marriage." Viraj remarked.

" And do you really think I would bother with her consent?" I asked him with my amused eyes.

Vinay chuckled.

" I don't know bhai. But surely Tara will make you bother with or without your consent." He mocked with those mischievious eyes staring at me.

My amusement got disappeared in a second as I shot him my serious gaze.

" Fuck off Vinay." I retorted.

In return, he just chuckled. Bastard.

" Well it's a truth. Otherwise, which one of your victim was having that gut to throw their slipper at your face?" He mocked again and my whole playful demeanor just wiped off.

Anger filled my insides, as I just stood up and stalked towards him who was sitting on the couch without any care.

He must have sensed my changed demeanor because in next moment, he stood up from his seat and raised his both hands as if surrendering himself to me.

" Sorry sorry sorry.. " his playfulness was still present.


I shook my head and turned to look at Viraj.

" Boss ! You know na... he is half crack. Ignore him, ignore" He said with a shrug while looking at Vinay and shaking his head at his playfullness.

But Vinay just chuckled and took his seat.

" Ok guys, Tomorrow is the engagement. And we need to make sure to get her ready for her upcoming marriage." Viraj said with his both arms crossed over his chest and thinking deeply.

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