Chapter 1 : His Unwavering Gaze

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Lavanya Sanskar Maheshwari was nervous. It had been two weeks since she joined college, and if not for her friend Akash she would be surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces. 

Today she was nervous because she was at a party where she was surrounded by strangers. She didn't want to attend, but Akash insisted and promised her it would be fun. Since it was a party thrown by their seniors to welcome them it would be rude to not attend. 

But he abandoned her the moment they stepped inside when she refused his offer to drink together. Lavanya knew she had to remain sober between them as one got to drive the car, and she was disappointed when he walked to the live bar leaving her alone. 

Then she found herself in a more tough situation when a few of her seniors asked her to dance, and while she declined so far, she wished they left her alone. 

She missed her overprotective cousin Arnav whose glare would keep anyone from approaching her. She missed her best friend Gauri and her chatterbox cousin Kavya. 

Lavanya often prided herself in making friends, but then she seem to have overestimated her charm, as she was currently with no friends after two weeks of college. Everyone hates her a little for being friends with the handsome one in the class Akash. A place coveted by most and yet given freely to a newbie like her. 

Then her phone rang and to escape the noise she moved outside to answer and was delighted to find her best friend Gauri on the other side. It has been two days since she talked with her, so by the time she entered the club 30 minutes later, Akash was nowhere to be seen. 

She searched for him, but she couldn't find him. She tried calling him only to get the message his phone was switched off. By the time she located his friends and asked about him, it was too late.  

" He left because someone told him you went home, " his friend spoke up, and Lavanya was upset because he was her ride back home. 

A part of her was worried about her ride, and the other part was worried about him. His friends offered to drive her back home she had to decline because they were all drunk. 

The clock struck twelve, and she looked about to see any female with whom she could tag along but everyone seemed to have disappeared except a few who were busy with their boyfriends and she didn't think they would leave any time soon. 

Lavanya was upset and blamed herself for deciding to leave the confines of her home and move to Delhi. It seemed like a good choice when she considered college but without friends and family. She realized she was alone, as the night wind up the sober people she met turned a bit darker with the increased intake of alcohol.

She was scared and decided to venture out in search of an auto or cab, but the streets were deserted and then she heard the voice of her seniors who asked if she needed a ride and she wish she could say yes, but there were more drunk than Akash's friends and she shook her head as No. 

She tried to order a cab online only to find her net signal was down as well, as she slowly began to realize she was stuck with no help. 

" Is there anyone among you who didn't drink ?" She asked her seniors who laughed at her questions as if it was impossible. One among them answered, and all she had was the name Vihaan, and also he was her senior. 

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