Chapter 2

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Gary POV

I woke up the next morning feeling nice, refreshed and so happy because ash kissed me, so I thought to myself "oh my god, he really likes me, he really does".I decided to get out of bed and go down stairs to see that ash was here,once I saw him I went as red as blood,he walked over to and he asked politely if we could talk which I slowly said "yes? But why" he replied by saying that he would explain up stairs.


Me and Gary both went up to his room it was so well decorated and so clean,we both went to sit on his bed. As I was go to sit down I accidentally touched Gary hand,his hand was so warm,I felt like my head was going to explode,so I got my hand away and sat down.I said with tears falling down my face and sadness in my voice "I am so sorry that I kissed you a few days ag-,Before I could finish Gary smashed his lips into mine, it was the most amazing kiss I had ever felt,(considering it was my first)it was filled with passion and love,when he ripped our lips apart I fell back first onto the bed with Gary next to me and because it was a saturday we had no where to go and no place to be I felt like I needed to ask him if he liked me (I know,i know but still)he Rolled his eyes like I was the master of the obvious I should have known the answer.

Gary POV

Now the we have shown how we feel about each other I asked if we are a couple answered with another asking does a gastly evolve into a haunter so I gave a smile and because the day had only just started I told ash that I will just have shower and we can go, so then ash said if I was going to have a shower he was just going to grab pikachu so I replied so say that sounds great.once I had finished my shower I found a note saying "meet me at the hospital urgently-ash" when I saw the note I quickly go into my clothes and ran to the hospital only to see a crying ash was outside.


Wooooo looks like you guys and gals will find out who had to go to the hospital bye

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