Ch. 22

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Angelo had finally stopped speaking to that good for nothing son of a bitch. Although I was glad for it, I still couldn't shake the feeling that it was so much more than Jacob being a jerk. I dared to ask Angelo one evening as we sat on his bed watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and he had replied with "nothing". I hated that word. It usually meant, something big, but I don't wanna talk about it.

I'd left it at that but as curious as I was, I still wondered what it was that he did to make Angelo cry. Even as I walked to my lecture hall, I kept an eye out for the guy. To be honest I didn't know who he was exactly, the only encounter I'd had with him being the time I met him in a certain girl's room. I was probably shagging her, who knows? Ugh. I hated that part of myself.

It wasn't easy to let that part of me go, and I probably wouldn't ever let it go for a long time. The point is, after meeting Angelo, and after telling him how I felt, I don't think I would be able to sleep with someone who wasn't him and I hated being that kind of person before I met him.

What was I was even saying? Ah, yes. Jacob. I kept a look out for him, hoping I'd see him anywhere on campus and then corner him to ask about what happened between him and Angelo. As much as I wanted to punch his very punchable face for making Angelo cry, I also wanted to know exactly what it was. But of cause, Warren wouldn't even let me out of his sight. He stuck by me all the time and when I asked why, he just shrugged like it was no big deal.

The two of us were walking towards our last class of the day when I bumped into someone.

"Evan?" the person asked and I turned to look up at them.

"Uh..." I was at a loss here. He looked quite familiar, but what was his name? "Ryder?" I guessed.

"Not even close" he rolled his eyes at me. "This is the guy I was talking about" he said to another person who was standing right beside him. I didn't even see him there.

"I've been searching for you for a while" Not-Ryder said and I nodded, raising a brow. "I wanted to thank you. Had you not dumped me that Sunday, I wouldn't have met Michael here. Even though I almost run him over, thanks to you by the way, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me" he continued.

"You're welcome?" I said, still confused. Was he one of my one-night stands?

"Oh and..." his boyfriend?, Michael said and before I knew it, his fist connected with my jaw such so much force that I stayed over, almost falling, had Warren not caught me. When I went to look at him again, I was Meg with a slap on the same side of my face.

"Fuck!" I hissed. That hurt. I groaned at the ringing in my ears.

"My name is Daniel, asshole" he said and walked away. I'm not even sure I heard correctly. I massaged my jaw and felt a sharp pain in the corner of my lips. A busted lip? In this weather? Fucking hell man!

"Why are you laughing?" I asked Warren who couldn't even hide the grin on his face.

"You fucking deserve it bro" he laughed again and continued walking towards the lecture hall.

I followed him, thinking, fuck, my face hurts.

I guess I did really deserve it. When you're the one doing it, you never know how much it hurts, what the other person could be feeling and even though we weren't dating, after our kiss, I had felt closer to Angelo more than I had with any person and the day he walked away from me, I felt so many things that I never even knew I was capable of. I guess I did really deserve it.

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