Chapter 36

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❦The morning sunlight shines through the blinds, a striped glow across the silk bedsheets.


I turn my head, expecting to see her tangled in the covers, but there are only tussled bedsheets next to me.

Am I going mad? I thought I heard her voice...

I get out of the bed, and allow my feet to touch the cold floor. I think that maybe, Luna is in the kitchen trying to cook pancakes again.

I saunter down the hallway, entering the kitchen that I'm still unfamiliar with.

The kitchen is vacant.

Where is Luna?

The pancake that stuck to the ceiling is still exactly where it was yesterday. Ah, she's such a dork.

I check the bathroom. She's not there.

S-She's probably out on an errand or something.

I open the nearly empty refrigerator and take out a jug of skim milk, setting it on the counter. I get a bowl and open the box of cereal.

I pour the cereal first (because I'm not gonna be a fucking idiot for once) and add the milk slowly.

Taste the rainbow

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Taste the rainbow.

Wait, wrong slogan.


4:00 PM.

It's four in the afternoon, and she still hasn't come home yet.

I've tried to entertain myself by snooping around the kitchen, but I didn't find anything.

Then, I attempted to scrape the pancake off of the wall. Didn't even budge.

I plop onto the soft bed, letting my weight sink in to the sheets. There's no use.


Suddenly, I notice a little black box on top of the cabinet that I didn't see before.

What's that?

I pick it up, taking a shaky breath. T-This looks like the boxes rings come in. Could it be?

What if it's an engagement ring, as sparkling as the stars in the sky?

Gah! I fangirl, covering my red face with my hands.

Don't get your hopes up, Summer.

I muster up my courage and decide that on behalf of my curiosity, I will have to open the box.

Here we go...

Grunting, I cram the box wide open.

I stare at the inside of the box.


There's nothing inside.

I smile weakly. I told you not to get your hopes up.

Comforting myself, I go back into the kitchen and fix myself a second bowl of cereal. Oh well, Lucky Charms has my back.

As I stop pouring the cereal, I notice something.

The place feels a little too quiet.

As if it knows something I don't.


My anxiety begins to build as I stare at the minimalist clock on the wall. 4:30.





I decide to pour myself a third bowl of cereal.

Suddenly, I hear a loud, solemn knocking on the front door. The kind of knocking that gives you an ominous, blooding curdling kind of feeling.

I approach the door slowly, ensuring that the floor doesn't creak under my weight. Whoever is behind that door, I don't want them to think I'm here.

Peering through the peephole, I see a man, dressed professionally, with a briefcase and a blurry—

Hey, It's the Zayn Malik lookalike.

He knocks again, but louder this time, more impatient. "I know you're in there, Summer."

Adrenaline courses through my body.

"I'm not letting you in."

"I can break this door down in two seconds." He smiles professionally through the peephole.

"Fuck you," I mutter, before unlocking the door and opening it just a crack.

"H-How did you even know where I was?"

Oliver winks. "Sorry, that's confidential."

"I'm eating cereal, leave me alone."

"Let me in for a second, please."

I sigh.

He slips through the door and shuts it behind him. "So, Enrico's doing better, he's gonna be back at work in a few days—"

"Are you done? My Lucky Charms are getting soggy—"

"Fucking wait a second!" He slams his fist on the front door.

He place his head in his hands as I remain silent. "Look..." He trails off.

"Look, I don't know how to tell you this any other way, but you need to come with me for an hour or two."

I scratch my head.

"Why should I—"

"This isn't about you." He mumbles, "Just trust me, you need to be there."


"Doesn't matter." He avoids my eyes, his face faltering. "Read it."

I sigh. "What is it? What do I need to read?"

He grows worryingly quiet.

"The note."

"The note?"

"We found her suicide note this morning. You're in it."


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