Chapter 3

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"My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they're like,
It's better than yours,
Damn right its better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to-"

Jared slams his hand down on his alarm clock, groaning. He stayed up all night watching a 'Fifty Shades of Gray' and now as he sluggishly gets out of bed, his limbs heavy he regrets it. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he gets up and goes to the bathroom, grabbing a wash cloth and washes his face. He uses the toilet and flushes it, washing his hands and grabs his toothbrush before, thoroughly brushing his teeth. He can't give the paparazzi a smile if his teeth are yellow. He takes a shower, using his favorite strawberry scented body wash. 

30 minutes pass when, he slides open the clear glass doors of his shower and steps out onto the white bathmat, grabbing his towel and drying himself off. Naked, Jared walks into his walk in-closet, fingers skimming over the variety of clothes before settling with a neon green shirt and tight light wash skinny jeans. He tries them on and spins in front of the mirror before, frowning and strips off his clothes tossing them on the floor. Walking back to the closet, he again looks at the clothes and this time picks out a pair of macaroon pants and a black v-neck shirt. Nope.

 He strips off the clothes and for the next hour Jared spends his time trying on outfit after outfit not satisfied with not one. 

"URGH!" Frustrated, Jared randomly grabs articles of clothing and with jerky motions puts it on his body, gasping when he looks at himself in his full-length mirror. 

On his body was a black deep v-neck, with a suit jacket and black leather pants that fits his body perfectly. Smiling, he turns this to the side liking the way his ass popped. Satisfied with his look he goes into the bathroom and looks at his midnight black hair that hangs limply at his shoulder blades. Should he leave it down or put it up? He stares a himself for a moment before, grabbing a brush, hair ties and a jar of jell deciding to put it up. Taking a glob of jell and rubs it into his hair, grabbing his brush and brushes his hair, grabs his hair band and tying his hair back into a slick pony tail. Smiling, he grabs his pony tail and wraps it into a tight bun, grabbing another band and using it to secure it in place. 

Daily routine done, he slips on black vans and runs out his room, down the stairs, grabs his keys, walks out into the garage and gets into his honey colored Mercedes. Sighing, he puts on his sunglasses on the dashboard and presses a button on the console and the garage door opens. When it opens halfway, Jared speeds out the garage and down the road, not forgetting to press the button on the console to close his garage.

Jerking to a stop in front of his building, Jared exits the car and hands the car keys to his valet as the paparazzi notices him. Cameras go off and he only gives him a bright smile and a polite wave before, going inside his building. Immediately his administrative assistant, Justin, comes to his side. 

"You're an hour late, sir," Justin states. 

Jared shrugs and says, "how can I be a fashion designer when if I don't look fabulous 24/7."

This causes Justin to snort and roll his eyes as he pushes the button on the elevator. 

"You say that but I bet last night you were in you booty shorts with an ugly stained sweatshirt last night watching 'Fifty Shades of Gray'." Jared laughs loudly as the elevator doors open. 

Together they step into the elevators. Jared sighs before looking at an annoyed Justin. 

"What's got your panties in a twist," Jared asks in amusement. 

Justin glares at Jared causing him to cringe. 

"Well Mr.Fashion Designer for the last hour I had to entertain the models, the camera crew and the make-up because you wanted be take an hour getting dressed." He finishes with a huff, his features twisted up in a permanent glare. 

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