Eleven||I am Dragon

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A few days have passed and I still have yet to find a name for my dragon. I've thought of a few but he's very picky. If he doesn't like the name he snarls and shows his teeth. I listed off another name and disgust shoots through the bond. "I'm trying here. There's no need to be so hostile." I retort, scribbling out yet another name off the list. I was beginning to get low on ideas.

"Blacky?" I show him a memory of the black stallion my family owns. He shook his body, extending his wings out, and flashed his razor-sharp fangs.

"I am dragon." Tendrils of smoke snaked from his flaring nostrils as the dragons lack of patience flared through the bond.

"Yes you are." I sigh. Quite a stubborn one. He prowls around the forest floor, sniffing the air every once in a while. We've been camped out in the same area since we arrived here, and it consisted of him either harassing me for a name or basking in the sun on top of the rocky outcrop. It was a peaceful spot, quite serene. From the edge of the cliff, I could see more of the island, which consisted of trees and mountains at the moment.

He made his way towards me."Name." I was sitting beneath a tree, sheltering myself from the warm sun. Spring had made its way here fast, no snow littered the ground and the air was already tainted with the humid air of summer. But the winter season still wasn't over and winters melt was just around the corner, I wonder if this island ever got snow.

The dragon circled around the tree and peered over my shoulder, looking at the messy scribbles littering the paper. I sighed, moving onto the next one. "Naxan?"

There was no hiss made or the sharp feeling of repulsion flooding through the bond, I turned to look at the dragon who bobbed his head. "Good."

I cracked a smile. He caught my gaze and held it for a moment before turning around, lightly hitting his tail against my leg as he weaved around the tree to the other side. We've been making progress, our bond strengthening and forming more than a feeling. We could properly communicate, as well as we could, and he's been willingly approaching me.

I couldn't help myself, my hand shot up and scratched his jawline, right between a set of smaller horns. He closed his eyes in content, he was even... purring? He was like an overgrown house cat. Heat flared from our touch and it shot up through my arm, settling in my chest. Pain seared through me. Not terrible pain but it was noticeable enough to feel it. I pulled down my shirt to examine it. Black snaking lines emerged ever so slightly before snapping like a feral animal and disappearing back into a hidden cage.

Naxan sniffed my hand. I let him, wondering what had just happened. "Smell funny." He commented, sniffing my hair as well. He blew the messy curls out of my face.

"I bathed today, I don't stink that bad." I pouted. Although, I did wish I did have some soap.

"Soul smells."

I gave Naxan a look. "What do you mean?" He narrowed his eyes, shaking out his body, and went to lay down in the sun. Stretching out his wings, he settled onto the warm rocks then proceeded to fold them tightly against his body. He watched the scenery in front of him. "Hey, you." I stood from my sitting position, brushing leaves from my pants. "I asked you a question."

He snorted, turning away from me. He was silent before saying, "Smell funny."

I sighed. What does my soul have to do with the way I smell? What did that mean?

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