38: Everyone has a Plan

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Ezra's view

I'm currently in the guest bedroom searching up nice restaurants that Avery might like to take her to later tonight. Luckily, I tricked Avery into giving me some alone time.

Since I've been showing more interest in my classes and actually spending time to study, Avery gives me space to do it. So she doesn't know what I'm actually doing right now. I just really want to plan something sweet for her. She deserves the best in life and I want to give that to her.

I finally find a highly rated restaurant that isn't out of my budget and call to book a reservation for seven p.m. tonight. I can't wait to treat my girl.

After finalizing everything, I pretend like I'm taking a break from studying so that I can hang out with Avery on the couch. Avery gives me a warm smile and moves aside to allow me space to sit next to her. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me closer while she continues watching TV. I can't help but snuggle closer to her and relax in her embrace.

God, I love this girl so much. I'm so excited to surprise her later.

As I said I have everything already planned out. At six I'm going to tell her to dress up and then I'm going to blindfold her and help her into the car and drive her to the restaurant. We will eat delicious food and after we will go to an art museum that stays open at night.

Avery's parents pass by us and when Avery isn't paying attention they give me thumbs up. I can't help but laugh and Avery looks at me weirdly, but I tell her it was the joke on the TV. She lets it go and I glance back at her parents who give me a smile.

I obviously had to tell them the plan. They seemed to really like it. So happy I got their approval, now I'm just going to wait a few hours for Avery's approval.


Sophie's view

"Why are we at their house again?" Francis asks for the third time. God damn it, this kid is an annoying idiot. The only reason I'm tolerating him is to get back at Avery and Ezra.

"In order for the plan to work, we need to know when they go out. Problem is, we don't know their schedule, so we have to watch them. When they both leave the house, we follow them," I explain to him.

"Ugh. We have been here for hours. What if they don't go anywhere today?" Francis whines.

"Then we come back tomorrow," I reply through gritted teeth.

"What we have to do this again? But, it's already night time, I don't want to be here tomorrow all day again," he adds.

Then I notice the front door of Avery's home opening and out come Avery and Ezra. They are all dressed up for some reason. Avery looks stunning as always, damn, I would like to rip of that dress of hers.

Then I focus in on Ezra who is hugging Avery. That bitch. She's atrocious, does she really think she can out do me in a dress. Ha, yeah right. I have no idea what is going on in Avery's mind. Why pick that skank over me. I'm so much more than her.

They are most likely going to go out, so I immediately start the car and turn to Francis, "Looks like today is going to work out in our favor."

Avery and Ezra get in the car and drive off; I'm right behind them and follow them all the way to their destination. They park in the parking lot of a restaurant and we do as well. They get out of the car and go in, but Francis and I stay behind.

"How are we going to get a picture of Avery kissing you, if Ezra is here?" Francis asks me.

"Simple, you distract Ezra, while I work on Avery," I reply.

"Okay, but I'm not sure Avery would try to kiss you. She never seemed like the type of person to cheat. She's too much of a goody two shoes," Francis adds.

"I know, that's why I brought this," I reply holding up a bag of pills.

"What's that?" he asks.

"Rohypnol. If we slip it in her drink, it will make her a bit loopy. She will be more compliant and won't remember anything," I explain.

"Oh, so she won't fight against you kissing her and taking the picture," Francis states stupidly. The fucking moron, obviously that's what I meant. I just nod my head in agreement.

I just need this idiot's help to distract Ezra. I have far better plans for Avery that the one I told Francis. Obviously, if Avery explains the situation to Ezra, she will believe her. So, the real plan is to take compromising pictures of Avery. I'll use those pictures to force Avery to break up with Ezra. Then I'll get Avery all to myself.

Of course it will be because I'm blackmailing her, but still. Anything to make sure I win and that Ezra loses. That bitch will regret getting me mad.

Francis and I get out of the car and head inside to enact the plan.

This will be fun.


Nicole (Ezra's mom)

I glance at my phone and stare at the number of missed phone calls I have of the social worker. I know I am in big trouble now.

I deserve everything bad coming my way now. I'm a horrible excuse for a human being. I know it. I fucked up.

Who knew running out of money and not being able to buy alcohol and experiencing withdrawal would be so eye opening for me.

God, I'm so shaking. I'm trembling so much and have killer headaches. I can't stop throwing up and I keep sweating through my clothes.

Fuck. I'm probably going to die. I deserve to though. I'm a horrible person. I am an even worse mother. I haven't seen my daughter in days.

I wonder if she still cares about me. Would she care if I died? Maybe. Who knows?

She deserves a better mother. Not a depressed alcoholic mother who can't take care of herself.

Maybe if I just lay down, I can peacefully go in my sleep? I move of the couch to sit on the floor. I lay back and close my eyes, I'm still shaking like crazy, but I keep my eyes shut.

Right before I feel myself drifting off to sleep I snap my eyes open. "The money," I say out loud.

I need to tell Ezra about the money. I need to tell her before I die. The money will go to waste if I die and don't tell Ezra.

I shakily pick myself up and groggily walk to the door. I grab my keys and walk out, not bothering to close the door behind me. It's not like I have anything valuable for anyone to steal.

I make my way to my car and drive to Avery's house. The social worker sent the address in a text; she tried to convince me to visit my daughter. I should have, but I couldn't earlier.


author note: So I know I said I was taking a break, but the people asking for updates are kind of driving me crazy. I honestly just want to finish this story. There isn't much left. I don't want to leave any stories on hold.

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