Chapter 4

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Sebastian knew that if he arrived at their special place in a suit n' tie both Dylan and Jared would have his ass. So, instead of going straight to their special place Sebastian went to his house and changed into one of his casual outfits which consists of a seaweed green shirt, dark blue jeans paired with black vans. He also knew that he couldn't drive there himself, because he too would most likely be drinking and he would never under any circumstances be drunk and drive. So he has his driver in the lot on standby.

Walking inside the cafe, Sebastian heads towards the counter where the cafe owner Louis stands behind, smiling. 

"Hey Sebastian how's it hanging," Louis asks, and they continue on and do a bro hug before Sebastian answers. 

"I'm doing good, how's the business." 

Louis's smile widens and he nods his head vigorously causing Sebastian's lip to twitch in some sort of a smile. 

"It's doing great Sebby, thanks to you, Dylan and Jared." Sebastian's sort of smile turns into a frown and Dylan's laugh echo's in the otherwise empty cafe. 

    When Sebastian, Jared and Dylan were in middle school, they became friends and would always meet each other at this cafe. The name Sebastian was too long in Dylan's opinion and Jared didn't mind the fact that that the name Sebastian has 9 letters in it, he just wanted to give Sebastian a nickname. Back than Louis was in his 20's and was and still is a father figure to the boys so when he came up with the nickname Sebby, Dylan liked it cause it was short, Jared liked it because, it was cute and Sebastian hated it cause it was embarrassing. Dylan, Jared and Louis kept calling Sebastian, Sebby until Sebastian finally threatened to cut off their balls. Sensing the seriousness in his voice they stopped, but it still slips from time to time. Like now.

Sebastian scowls at a laughing Louis and went over to Dylan who was smiling his bright smile that said he was happy but his eyes told Sebastian another story. So did the drink of Everclear in his hand. Dylan drinks yes, but not strong drinks that are 95% alcohol. Sighing, Sebastian sits down across from Dylan and slowly grabs the drink and slips it from Dylan's grasp. 

"Where did you get this," he asks, already knowing the answer. 

"Louis's secret stash," Dylan answers, a slight slur in his voice causing Sebastian to sigh. Not even 10 minutes in and he's already tipsy. 

"Louis, can you get Dylan coffee, black?"

"Sure," Louis yells back and Sebastian nods, turning his attention to a pissed off Dylan.

 "Why do you look like someone just shoved their foot up your ass?" Sebastian's lip twitch, his way of a smile while Dylan gives Sebastian a glare promising death. Sebastian just brushes it off. 

"Aren't I supposed to be drinking and pissed and you're supposed to be the one to stop me from murdering someone," he continues and inwardly cheers when Dylan laughs. 

"Well today we're switching rolls," Dylan states, grabbing his drink from Sebastian's hand and tips his head back downing it in one go before, slamming the glass down on the wooden table, coughing at the burning in his throat. 

"Why are we switching rolls," Sebastian asks, knowing now that Dylan is tipsy that he won't hold his tongue as much.

 "I called Jared and invited him here," he states and Sebastian waits for him to continue. "Not only did he give me sass the entire time but, he yelled at me saying that I had the audacity to call him after not speaking to him in a while." 

Jared giving sass and yelling at either one of them was nothing new so, him being rude and yelling at Dylan shouldn't make him angry and Sebastian knew it. He sighs and reads between the lines. He's mad because Jared's right and sad because what he said hurt his feelings.

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