Chapter Seventeen

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Sleepily walking downstairs, I let my nose lead me to the kitchen where mom was. Surprisingly, there was an array of breakfast food just waiting to be devoured.

It was odd though. The most we get for breakfast around here is cereal or bagels. Mom's usually already at the pack house by this time. Like I said, odd.

"Good morning, sweetie." Mom said happily, whisking a bowl of eggs. "I hope you're hungry."

"Did someone die?" I ask, watching her suspiciously. Mom wouldn't miss work unless something tragic happened. To mom, work came first.

"No! Why would you think that?" Mom looked up at me before she poured the eggs into the pan on the stove.

"'re home and it's nine in the morning." I pointed out. A hand patted me on the shoulder and I looked up at dad as he passed me to get into the kitchen. "You're home too?" Something has definitely happened and even though I've done nothing bad, I started to get nervous.

"I do pay the bills to live here." Dad laughed, kissing mom on the cheek.

"It's Tuesday, right?" I asked. Maybe I slept too long.

"Yes. Now go get your brother up, you pups need to get ready we have company coming over."

A look of horror replaced my confused expression. Who would visit us? And so early?! The family would never. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa but mom wouldn't care if we were still in our pajamas. The answer was clear as day and yet I wanted to ignore it. After yesterday, I just wanted to hide under my covers. Mom had even let me miss school. Probably because she's the happiest I've ever seen her.

Mom gave me a look. One that told me I'd regret it if I didn't do what she'd said that very moment. Being the smart little wolf I am, I spun around and ran upstairs.

Calvin's door was shut but I didn't knock, instead I rushed in and bounced onto his bed.

"Calvin," I sung, hovering over him. "Wake up!" I wasn't sure when he got home but it must of been late.

Calvin looked at me for a second before pushing me off the bed. I tumbled to the floor and grunted. "That's for stealing my best friend." He grumbled.

I pouted, sitting up and looking at him. "I did not!" I argued. "The Goddess did it." I declared, throwing the blame at her.

The whole pack probably knew by now what happened in the conference room. How I passed out after facing my Mate. It was so embarrassing. After I woke up in Robby's room and got the strength to pry myself from his arms, I had ran home with my tail tucked between my legs.

"Mom says company is coming for breakfast." I said lowly, picking at lint on my pajamas.

"You mean the Alpha family." Calvin cleared up. My face warmed and I scurried up from the floor. I could hear Calvin laughing while I ran up the stairs to the attic. He could be such a butthead.

It took me longer than it normally would to get dressed. I didn't want to admit it but I couldn't deny that I was trying to look my best for my Mate. No matter that it's only Robby.

It was so weird. How could Robby be my Mate? I've always seen him as my brother's annoying friend. Okay, that's not completely true. I did think he was a little cool. But only a little. The rest of the time he's annoying. He's not even my type! His hair is always messy and he wears clothes with holes in them. So weird.

My heart started beating faster as I heard a car pull into the driveway and I rushed to the window to see the Alpha family getting out of the luxury car. My eyes narrowed in on Robby who got out of the back looking as grumpy as ever.

Oh no! Is he mad I'm his Mate? He's probably mad. He knew about my crush on Jesper. He was the only person who knew. He must hate me. Too bad! He's stuck with me now.

Stomping down the stairs, I tried my hardest not to run and seem too eager to get to the door. It's no one special. Just Robby. Who happened to be my Mate.

Calvin beat me to it, inviting everyone in and sending the Alpha and Luna to the kitchen where our parents were. I watched from the top of the stairs, suddenly too nervous to go down.

What if Robby realized he didn't want to be my Mate? What if he's disappointed in the Goddesses choice? He's going to be the Alpha and I'm only a runt. Maybe I can go back up to my room and sneak out the window. Robby taught me how.

"Torin!" Mom called from downstairs and I knew there was no way out of this.

What if his parents don't like me? I knocked over the Luna's Grandfather's urn. His ashes were all over me. I had nightmares about it. They weren't just my Alphas anymore but my Mate's parents. I wanted to cry from the stress of the situation.

Heavy steps started up the stairs and I plastered myself against the wall. In my mind, I imagined that if I shut my eyes, no one could see me. It didn't work like that though.

"Tory," I shivered at his deep voice but still refused to open my eyes. "Are you going to be stubborn about this?"

I nodded, making him chuckle. He didn't say anything, instead my eyes flew open when his lips pressed against mine. He was softer this time, teasingly so.

Whimpering, I pressed closer to him, greedily breathing in his scent. Robby chuckled before his kiss grew serious, his hands gripping my waist.

"Torin Thomason Frey!" Mom shouted from downstairs. I jerked away, my head hitting the wall and making me wince.

"Thomason?" Robby laughed.

"Shut up!" I growled, pushing him away and running downstairs.

Mom glared at me when I stumbled into the dining room where everyone was already sitting around the table. Her eyes shifted to Robby who entered behind me, narrowing accusingly.


With a burning face, I sat down beside mom which left Robby sitting right beside me. I felt like my family had betrayed me and thrown me to the beast.

Most of breakfast was spent with our families talking happily, clearly excited about Robby and I being Mate's. Even Calvin had a positive response. Him and Robby will be brothers now. Of course he was happy. Fricking traitor.

Stuffing cheesy eggs in my mouth, I felt Robby's hand land on my thigh under the table. I slapped it away, glaring at him shortly. It's bad enough I let him kiss me again. I couldn't let him corrupt me anymore!

Finally the conversation shifted from our Mating to Jesper and what he was going to do after high school.

Oddly I didn't have a crush on him anymore? I tried to look at him as I had for the last five years but...there was nothing. Yeah, he's still pretty but my Robby is way more handsome. I mean Robby, not my Robby.

My Goddess, I'm going to loose my mind if I already hadn't. Robby is okay. His messy hair still annoys me and his ripped clothing should be thrown away. It's just the bond that's making me believe I could get lost in his dark brown eyes. Why is it such an instant attraction? The Goddess could of at least let me get comfortable with the change first. Well, yeah, he's always been cute but...I would have never admitted it.

"There's so much to plan." Luna spoke up, her brown eyes sparkling with happiness. "The Mating Ceremony has to take place before Roberts inauguration."

I choked on my food and Robby beat on my back in some attempt to save me. Taking a sip of my juice, I tried to forget about what she'd said.

Was I not allowed time to get use to Robby being my Mate? He'll be ascending to Alpha in a few weeks!

"We'll discuss that later." Mom swooped in, obviously seeing the expression on my face. I couldn't be more thankful.

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