Fires and Shadows ( 29 )

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Zeref smirked and stocked towards me. He summoned Sardis twin blacks swords from the shadows at his feet.

I took a breath as I unsheathed my sword and shield from my back.

I got into my fighting stance as pain shot up from battered and bleeding legs. I tried to hide the pain as I glare at my opponent.

"Let's see what Tyranis taught you", He mocked.

"Trust me, you would be disappointed."

The tips of my hair caught fire as we started one other down. Neither of us willing to give.

He was the first to make a move as he charged at me which I easily blocked with my shield. I used my sword and jabbed at him. I grazed his side as he rolled away.

He attacked again and I met it with my shield. I willed my sword to erupt into a fiery blaze and I slashed at him.

The arc of fire caused Zeref to jump back to avoid becoming a pile of smoldering ash.


" I told you I wouldn't disappoint", I smirked.

He wasted no time as he attacked me once more. However, when one of his black swords touched mine. The heat from my blade melted the black metal and cut through it like butter.

The broken part of Sardis's blade clattered to the cave floor. Smoke still crawling off of it. The hilt of the sword was still in Zerefs hand as he stared in both awe and anger at it.

He quickly recovered himself as he threw the melted hilt of the sword to the ground as it dissolved back into shadows.

He growled and raised his hand at me making a fist. Then the shadow at my feet shot up and wrapped themselves around my legs. Keeping me in place.

I pulled at the shadowy ropes only finding with a hurt leg it was useless. Zeref saw that the ropes held strong charged at me. His only swords aimed at my heart.

I tried to my shield to block the attack but my arms were also bound in shadows. An idea popped in my head as Zeref neared me.

I quickly summoned as much fire as I could around my arms and legs. As predicted the flames ripped the shadows apart freeing me.

The fire saved me as I rolled but it wasn't able to save my shield. The black sword caught it and it was ripped away. The golden shield went flying off the edge of the cave opening and into the canyon's raging rapids below.

Zeref laughed triumphantly as the fire around me died.

I glare at him as he neared me rising my silver sword at him threateningly. He smirked cockily at my actions as he laughed.

"You think you can beat me, girl. I'm Zeref, the immortal sorcerer of madness, my dark creature have given even the bravest of men nightmares. What makes you think you ever could stand a chance against me."

"You may be right, but that doesn't mean I that I'm gonna stop fighting."

"Then I see that the foolish Tyranis has trained an equaling weak and hopeless fool. I think that after I finish with you I'll pay your dying friend a visit. ", He laughed evilly before continuing," I can't wait to see his face as I tell him every detail of your agonizing death. Then I'll do things ten thousand times worse to him as screams and he begs for me to spare his pathetic and worthless life."

Angry took me over as I ran at him sword in hand. We locked swords. I tried to hold him back but I wasn't able to compete with his brute strength which came from Sardis's body. He pushed back vigorously causing me to lose my balance. I quickly tried to recover but before I could he kicked my wounded leg.

I cried out in pain as I fell to the ground.

The pain in my leg stopped me from getting up. I groaned as Zeref pointed the tip of his sword at my throat.

"This is your end, rider."

He jabbed the sword down at me. I held up my trying to summon fire from my hands to defend against the blade.

However, instead of fire, a bright white light erupted from my hands.

"What? No! How is this possible?", He yelled. 

I wasn't sure what was happen but he was scared. The light grew bigger and brighter until it exploded. The wave of white light hit Zeref square in the chest sending him backward off the cliff, but not before he grabbed my leg taking me with him.

We both freefell towards the raging rapids below. Before we hit the water I desperately grabbed at the side of the canyon. 

My hand found a stay tree root on the side of the rock wall. I held on with all my remaining strength. 

I then quickly grabbed Sardis' boot stopping both of us from falling into the watery death.

Zeref looked up at me confused.


"You said it yourself if you die so does Sardis, and I'm not letting that happen", I strand as I held onto the tree root that was cutting into my hand.

"How long do you think you can hold us up for?", He mocked.

"I don't know, but I don't see you helping." I scolded.

" Well, one I'm upside down I can't do much. Two, I didn't ask to be saved."

"Seriously. You're an ugly ass." 

"Excuse you, I have a lovely ass."

I groaned at him as my grip loosened on the tree root.

"Well, since we're both just hanging around I have a question", He asked casually as if we weren't hanging above are death.

"And what might that be?"

" How did you do the thing with the light?"

" I don't know. It just happened."

" I see", He said as he crossed his arms thinking.

"What are you thinking?"

"Why would I tell you?" 

"I just saved your life."


Before any more words could be spoken. The tree root started to creak as did my grip on it.

"That's not good." Zeref stated.


The tree broke and we both fell into the rapids. 

Hand in foot.

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