Chapter Thirteen Pt. One

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Shifting restlessly in bed, I threw the blanket off aggravated that I couldn't fall asleep. My mind just kept going back to what happened, replaying it over and over for me. I was starting to question the way I'd reacted. Was it wrong of me to throw my milkshake on Jesper? Maybe him forgetting our plans was an honest accident.

Great. Now he'll never like me. Not that I liked him all that much right now. But every mated pair has their bumpy moments. Not that we're mated...yet.

My mind took a different turn when I started thinking about what Robby had done in the kitchen. How he blocked me up against the fridge. How I reacted to his scent.

I wondered if Jesper would do anything like that. Would his voice deepen and get all husky? Jesper always smelled sweet. Would I submit so easily to him? I pictured Jesper being softer, more gentle. He'd whisper sweet words in my ear, and his hands would handle me like I'm something delicate.

My face heated at the thought. I shouldn't think about things like this. It was wrong.

Flipping over, I looked up at the window and screamed at the sight of someone outside of it. Placing my hand over my rapidly beating heart, I sat up slowly. The male's face was half hidden in shadows but it'd be impossible not to recognize him. His black hair looked blue in the moonlight and he wore his signature leather jacket.

He tapped on the window, reminding me that he was locked out.

Getting out of my warm bed, I unlocked my window and the male pushed it up before stepping through it easily. I had a feeling this wasn't the first time he'd come through someone's window. It wasn't surprising at all.

"How did you get up here? You shouldn't do that, it's dangerous." I stated, my tone matter-of-fact.

"Look at you, caring for my wellbeing." Robby teased, smirking down at me.

"Actually, Robert..." I trailed off, I had nothing. No smart comment or sassy reply. Huffing frustratedly, I sat down on my bed with a pout. Why is he even here? In my room.

Robby ignored my use of his name and walked around my room slowly. He's never been up here before, the most he'd seen was the bottom of the stairs. I laid down, wanting to ignore his presence and fall to sleep.

Puffing up my pillow by beating it, I closed my eyes only to hear Robby curse as he dropped something. I fought to keep my eyes shut but I couldn't help but to peak at what he'd dropped. It was only the rubik's cube I had on my bookshelf.

"Again, why are you here?" I sighed, finally gaining the snooping male's attention.

"Jesper told me what happened." I stayed quiet, pulling my cover up under my chin. "Who knew you were such a badass, little Tory."

Was that some kind of compliment? My face heated up and I shifted uncomfortably at his unwavering attention. "I shouldn't have done that." I admitted.

"Bullshit. I wish I could have seen it." Robby chuckled. "Anyways, What the hell are you doing in bed so early. It's only ten."

"I like to get a full eight hours of sleep." I argued, glaring up at him. He's probably never done that in his entire unhealthy life.

"What are you? Forty?" Robby walked over to me and jerked the cover away.

I gasped, sitting up to say mean things to him but he shushed me.

"Get up and change out of those horrible pajamas." He demanded, looking over my red pajama set with distaste clear on his face.

"I like my pajamas!" I argued. The soft outfit was comfortable. Robby didn't look too impressed. "Besides, they're meant for sleep. Which I would be doing if you weren't bothering me."

"You're only lying to yourself, Pup. Get up." He smirked at the new nickname, seeming pleased with himself.

When I didn't get up, Robby turned away and started going through my dresser. "Do you only own sweaters?" No, I don't. But I didn't tell him that. Instead, I pouted as I watched him pick through my clothes for a Robby approved outfit. "There, put that on." Robby said, tossing the outfit on the bed.

"Those jeans don't fit anymore."

"Good, get dressed or I'll get you dressed." The disgusting leer made me scramble up off the bed. I knew his words were true.

"Turn around!" I snapped, unbuttoning my pajamas top. Robby rolled his eyes but turned around with his arms crossed. "Why exactly am I getting dressed?"

"We're going out."

"Oh, mom won't allow it." I said, hopping in the skinny jeans to get them up. They fit but the material was just clingy and I didn't like it.

"That's why I took the window." Robby chuckled, turning around before I could pull the plain white shirt on. His dark eyes took me in before nodding approvingly.

"Are you suggesting I sneak out?" I whispered.

"No." Robby smirked and I sighed in relief. Has he not met my mother? "You're going to sneak out."

I gaped at the tall male. "No way." I sat on the edge of the bed, my arms crossed. There was no way he'd get me out of this house.

Robby picked up my shoes and kneeled down in front of me. I glared at him as he slipped them onto my socked feet. When he was finished, his large hands gripped my thighs as his brown eyes stared into mine.

"Torin Frey, I know you want to." He smirked, his eyes unwavering and his voice lowered. "I promise it'll be fun."

Biting on my lip, I tried to ignore him and his persuasive voice.

"Come on Tory, by the time the sun rises, you'll have a hell of a story to tell."

Him and his stories. Why did he care about them so much? The only thing I'll have by sunrise is sleep deprivation and probably a headache. "On one condition." I decided. What did I have to loose? This was a once in a life time experience and I'd already missed out on so much the others do. Beside, mom couldn't be that mad with me. She'd just said on the ride home how happy she was that I was getting out more.

"Let me hear it." Robby chuckled, his hands flexing around my thighs.

"I get to drive."

A look of horror replaced his easy smirk and my smile only grew.

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