Chapter 3: The Not-So-Tour Around Inkopolis

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Agent 8 (Mike's) P.O.V

Inkopolis, in my opinion anyway, is really cool. Of course, some Inklings were trying to avoid eye contact and others were still talking bad about me, but Sarah's company made me feel better.

"Don't worry about them!" Sarah said cheerfully and giving me a small smile. "They're just...not used to seeing Octolings. That's all." I nodded in response. I understand what she means, after all, all they've heard about Octolings is that we're the ones trying to kill every Inkling and take over their land.

It's not our fault...we're brainwashed.

I wasn't paying attention to what Sarah was saying. I was lost in my thoughts without realizing it.

Sarah showed me around the plaza. Where to buy weapons and clothing, Grizzco, and where to do what they call "Turf War." I was a bit confused on what she meant by this. "Hey, um, Sarah?" I asked. She turned around to look at me and waited for what I was going to say next. "What is Turf War?"
She looked at me as if I was joking. "You actually don't know?" I shook my head no. "Whatever it is, I don't think we had it in Octo Canyon," I responded.

Agent 3 (Sarah's) P.O.V

I guess he had a reasonable reason to not know what Turf War was. This whole experience must be VERY different from what he's used to. "Well, Turf War is treated as a very popular sport. The objective of the game is to choose your favorite weapon and join a random team of four. Then, you must cover as much ground as you can in your color than the opponents in under 4 minutes!" Hopefully he got it. "That's sounds pretty fresh!" Mike exclaimed. "Can we try one?" He asked.

I smiled. He seems so passionate about everything here.

"Do you have your own weapon or....?"  I asked him. "Yea, me and my trusty Octosh...ot?" Mike patted himself in the back, looking for something. He blushed slightly, the tip of his ears turning a bit red too. Putting his palm to his forehead, he said, "I think I left it on the helicopter ride here."

I felt sorry for him. I put my hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. If you want I can buy you one." I told him, giving him a reassuring smile.

Agent 8 (Mike's) P.O.V

I really am an idiot. I definitely believe I left my bag with my Octoshot in the helicopter that took us home. But hey, luckily Sarah is a very nice and generous Inkling. "I'm really sorry about putting you through this trouble..." I said scratching the back of my head. "Don't worry about it. C'mon let's go buy you a weapon quickly so we can try out a Turf War match." She started to walk ahead. I followed her to what I believe was the weapon store.

"Hey Sheldon!" Sarah greeted. "Why, hello there Sarah!" Sheldon greeted back. "What weapon are you looking for?" Sarah shrugged. "I'm buying one for my friend here." She said, pointing at me. Sheldon didn't even seem to notice that I was an Octoling, which I guess is good for me. "Which one do you want?" Sarah asked curiously. She seemed very energetic and excited. "I looked at the weapons behind Sheldon. There were so many options... Rollers, chargers, Splattershots, Sloshers... Which one to choose?

Looking at the weapons I saw one that I  recognized from the Deep Sea Metro that I really liked and pointed at it. "Ah! The Splattershot Pro huh? Fine choice indeed." Sheldon said. He took the weapon down from the shelf and handed it to me. "That'll be 13,800." He simply said. I looked over at Sarah. "Isn't that a bit too pricey?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes with a grin. "I told you to not worry about it. It's on me." She said walking up to the counter. She handed Sheldon the points, took the gun and handed it to me. And with an excited look in her eyes she giggled and yelled. "C'mon let's Turf War it up!" Before grabbing my arm and pulling me outside.

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