39: Just Listen

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Ezra's view

When we got to the restaurant I took the blindfold off of Avery and she looked around. "Are we having a fancy dinner here?" she asks.

"Yes. And don't worry, they have the best desserts here," I add smiling at her unbelievably happy face.

"How did you know I was going to ask?" she asks.

"I know you have a sweet tooth, stupid," I reply getting out of the car. Avery gets out before I can open the door for her.

"Oh, sorry. Did I stop you from being chivalrous?" she teases.

"Yes," I mumble, making Avery laugh at me.

"Don't worry; I know you are my knight in shiny armor. But don't forget I am a knight too," she says grabbing my hand to intertwine our finger.

"You a knight? You can't even properly hold a knife to cut a tomato," I joke.

"That was one time. Come one, you need to get over that."

"How can I? You almost chopped off a finger," I reply laughing. Avery playfully punches me but then joins in on the laughter.

We head inside the restaurant and I tell the host about our reservation. She leads us to our table and Avery and I sit down. We ask for water while we observe the menu.

"Holy crap. There are so many choices!" Avery says.

"This is going to take us a while," I add flipping through the menu pages.


Nicole (Ezra's mom) view

I'm driving like a complete maniac. I know it, but I'm not bothered to slow down. I can't. I need to find Ezra. I need to tell her about the money if it's the last thing I do.

I know I win the shittiest mom of the year award. I know it. I deserve it.

The least I can do for Ezra is tell her about the money.

So I continue driving fast until I make it to Avery's address. I park horribly in the driveway and don't even turn off my car before I'm dashing across the lawn to pound on the door.

Avery's parents open the door and look at me. They look kind of scared. I understand them.

Who wouldn't be scared when some crazy lady starts pounding on your door?

"I need to talk to Ezra!" I blurt out.

The father answers first, "Um, who's asking for her?"

"Her mother."

"Oh. It's nice to finally meet you," Avery's mother says.

"Nice to meet you too. Can I please talk to Ezra? It's very important," I say.

"Sorry, she's not here. She went out with Avery to the Lazo Restaurant," Avery's father answers.

"Okay. Thank you!" I yell before running back to my car.

"Wait, why don't you stay and come in? We should talk first," Avery's mom says running after me.

"Sorry. No can do!" I yell out my window as I reverse out of the driveway and head to the restaurant as fast as possible.

I make it within fifteen minutes and leave my car in the middle of the parking lot as I enter the restaurant. The host tries to stop me, but I push right past her as I try to find Ezra.

I can the restaurant and finally find her and Avery seated near a back table. I run over to them and tap Ezra on the shoulder. She turns around and her gasps as she sees me.

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