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…is it love? Selene’s words from yesterday haunted Gia’s mind. She was sitting in her favorite spot of the forest, leaning on her big tree that she loved so much. It was so massive that when she was I child she dreamed of climbing the tree and reaching the clouds, finding a castle just like Jack and the Beanstalk. Her parents had first met here, it took them only a glance to find that they were in love. Love, there was that word again. Did she really love Cameron?

Gia jumped as a light brown wolf came up from behind her.

What are you doing here? He communicated through the mind link.

“Cameron!” she said surprised, this was the first time she’d seen him in his wolf form, he looked kind of cute.

Wait, he told her, he walked to a tree nearby, stick his head in a whole of the tree, and came out with jeans in his mouth. Before Gia could think, he began to shift.

Gia’s mouth came open as she saw Cameron standing in front of her completely naked.

“So big” she said without thinking. Cameron smirked, not even hiding himself.

Gia shook her head “Put your pants on will you!” she yelled closing her eyes.

“Why should I? You seem to like the view, I only wish to please you” he mocked her, but still putting his pants on.

 “So” he said walking and sitting next to her “what are you doing here?”

She shrugged “I like to come and think out here”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing important” she answered.

“Was it about me?” Cameron asked making her flush “What were you thinking about me?”

“I never said it was about you!” she snapped back.

“Denying things from your mate?” he raised his eyebrow.

“You are not my mate, I never said you were”

“You showed it with that kiss you gave me yesterday” he playfully wiggled his eyebrows “Want to do it again?”

Gia gasped. I definitely don’t love him! “Th-the wine probably got to my head”

Cameron scoffed “Yeah right”

“What are you doing here anyways?” Gia asked changing the subject; she did not want to talk about that kiss anymore.

“Tracking some rouges” he said his face turning serious.

“Did something happen?” she asked with concern. The rouges had been attacking packs on the area, Red Moon had already lost many of its members.

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