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Yeah no: I need help

You: If you have a boner go somewhere else

Yeah no: what

You: you heard me

Yeah no: uh that wasn't what I needed help with...thanks

You: anytime

Yeah no: anyways, i need help with my insomnia

You: Do i look like some smart little doctor to you?

Yeah no: quite the opposite

You: ...

You: dont make me chop your wee little chilli pepper off

Yeah no: you're scaring me

You: good

Yeah no: but I seriously need help

You: oh sorry

You: hmmm try drinking warm milk

You: and eating a banana

Yeah no: thank you sm

You: your welcome

You: anytime

Yeah no: my name is Hoseok btw

You: like as in Hoseok

You: from BTS???

Yeah no: ...no

You: bummer

*changes name*

Sunshine Wanna be: Shut up you-


Sunshine Wanna be: Perhaps I laughed

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Sunshine Wanna be: Perhaps I laughed

You: YES

Sunshine Wanna be: well anyways I'm tired night

You: Night 😁

Sunshine Wanna be: 😊

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