Eli & Aeryn: Forty Seven

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A: "Eli! Finally! I've called you, like, five times!"

E: "It is not in my nature to rise before noon, you're damn lucky I've answered at all."

A: "Ooo, grouchy."

E: "You would be too if I called you at this hour."

A: "It's 10am, that's not even early."

E: "It is for one who values their beauty sleep."

A: "...maybe I shouldn't have called you, you sure do need that."

E: "You wake me to insult me? I am deeply wounded."

A: "Pretty sure you're the one who turns up at my house, sometimes way earlier than this, throwing rocks at my window."

E: "That's for special occasions. This is you disrupting my sleeping routine."

A: "I need your help with something."

E: "...at this un-Godly time?"

A: "Yes, Princess Eli, I need cake ingredients."

E: "Huh?"

A: "It's my dad's birthday and I need to bake him a cake while he's at work. I can't drive and I have no one to drop me in to buy cake...stuff."

E: "Eughhhhh."

A: "Eli, it's his birthday!"

E: "..."

A: "Pleeeeeease?"

E: "Damn it, fine, I'll be over later with cake thingy ma bobs."

A: "...could you stay and help me cook too? I don't really know how to cook things."

E: "You would truly be lost without me, Aeryn. Fine, I will help you."

A: "Oh, Eli, thank you so much, I could just kiss you!"

E: "Oh, really?"

A: "...I - uh - figuratively speaking, of course...um..."

E: "You stutter like a fangirl."

A: "Get me my damn cake ingredients."

E: "That is no way to talk to your saviour."

A: "Cake. Ingredients."

E: "Aye aye, captain."

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