Chapter Fourteen

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I never did get to go back to sleep. Instead, Robby and I cleaned up until everything was back to normal. By time we finished I had to get to work. Luckily this kept me from going home and facing my parents that had no doubt heard about what happened by then. I felt in desperate need of a shower. Ms. Tilly even scrunched her nose up at me.

After doing my routinely clean up of the kitchen, and saying goodbye to Ms. Tilly and Jade, I pulled on my jacket and stumbled my way outside.

Wreaths had been hung up on the streetlights and Christmas lights were wrapped around trees. I loved coming into town this time of the year. Everything was so festive and it just made you want to be in a good mood.

"Torin!" I jumped at the sound of my name being called. Looking behind me, the last person I expected was running towards me. Before, I might have nearly fainted at the sight but now my eyes narrowed on the male. Unsurprisingly, there was still a tinge of excitement but my hurt feelings blocked the rest from making me swoon. "Hey..." He said, having finally caught up with me.

"Hi, Jesper." I said softly, blinking up at him.

"Where are you headed?" He asked, rubbing his arm as if he was uncomfortable.


"I'll walk you." He declared quickly, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

" don't have to." Okay, maybe I wanted him to. This is Jesper Killian we're talking about. With his bright smile and pretty eyes.

"I want to." He smiled and my face warmed.

Giving in faster than I should of, we started walking down the sidewalk. Neither of us said anything and the silence wasn't all that comfortable. I kept peaking up at him though, taking in his side profile. He really is pretty.

"I wanted to apologize." He started, surprising me. "What I did was really mean and stupid, I just...I know you have a crush on me."

My face was on fire. I diverted my eyes, too embarrassed to look up at him. This was not a conversation I ever imagined having. In all my daydreams, when Jesper finally noticed my feeling for him it always ended up with him kissing me passionately. No embarrassing conversations, just a show of mutual feelings.

"I should have just talked to you to start with." He sighed. "You need to know that your crush will never amount to anything."

"You don't know that." I blurted. He didn't know what the Goddess has planned! I pouted.

Jesper chuckled lowly. "I think I do." He said, stopping and grabbing my arm so I'd stop with him. "Two Omegas could never be Mates, it wouldn't work." I wasn't so sure about that, even if I'd never seen it myself.

"You're not an Omega." I stated. He wasn't going to ruin my six year crush! No way. Not that easily at least.

"True. But...I'm not really dominant either."

He was confusing me. My brows furrowed as I looked up at him with my head tilted. Jesper may not be as muscular or as big as other males but I like him just the way he is. Although what he did was really hurtful and humiliating. If he didn't like me that way he could just say so! It would hurt and I'll probably ignore it until my eighteenth birthday, but that's beside the point.

"Torin, I'm already eighteen. If we were Mate's I'd at least have some feelings for you."

"You're being very mean and rude." I said childishly. "I can walk myself home." Shooting one last glare at him, I started to speed-walk away. Jesper didn't try to stop me and it upset me.

When I got home, I paused in the middle of the street and stared at the house. I was scared to go in. Mom will probably be waiting with dad's leather belt.

My feet dragged as I walked up the driveway slowly. I couldn't run from this forever. Eventually mom will come looking for me herself and that will only be worse. What can I say? I'll blame everything on Robby. Everyone knows he's a typical bad boy. He's corrupt me and I'm just an innocent naive little wolf!

"I can't reject an Alphas command." I whispered, rehearsing the conversation we'll have. It was mostly true. Not that Robby commanded me to do anything but mom doesn't need to know that. I've always been a good pup, does that count for anything?

Opening the front door, my body tensed in preparation for the sting of a leather belt but nothing came. Cracking open one eye, I peaked around. No one was waiting for me. Maybe the Goddess was being merciful.

Shutting the door quietly behind me, I toed off my shoes to add to the pile by the door.

"Torin, is that you?" Mom called from the living room and I flenched. She didn't sound angry but it was hard to tell with her.

"Y-yeah." I stuttered, taking a deep breath to steady myself. Walking into the living room, prepared to talk myself out of the trouble I've gotten myself into, I froze at the sight of the male on the couch beside Calvin. "What are you doing here?!" I cried dramatically, glaring at him.

Whereas I was still in clothes that I did Goddess knows what in, he had actually showered and changed. The dark circles were gone from under his eyes too. It wasn't fair.

"Visiting Calvin." He snickered. I don't know why but that only upset me more. "And filling Mrs. Frey in on what happened."

The color drained from my face and I risked a glance at mom. She didn't look upset at all. Heck, she was even smiling. What did he say? That smile on mom's face scared me more than any angry expression would have.

"Oh, you're still grounded." Mom said calmly, catching me looking at her.

"Yes ma'am." I was quick to accept. It's not like I did anything anyways. I actually preferred staying in my room all day.

"Sit down, I want you to tell me about all this fun you had last night."

I gulped, looking between Robby and my mom. I guess I didn't really have a choice. So I sat down and told her what I could remember. Which thankfully wasn't a lot.


"I'm going to kill you." I whisper shouted at the male. My parents had gone to their room leaving Calvin, Robby and I alone downstairs. I had sat stiffly on the couch beside Robby and pretended to watch the movie on tv. Calvin had gotten up to go to the bathroom though and that left us alone. Finally giving me the opportunity to tell Robby how I felt. "Then, I'm going to chop you up into tiny pieces and feed you to pigs." I hissed, glaring up at him.

Robby smirked, leaning down so his face was inches from mine. "No you're not."

"Yes I am."

The male chuckled. "Admit it, you had fun." I shook my head in denial, trying not to breathe in his strong scent. "You want to do it again." He stated, his tone matter-of-fact.

"What I want to do is r-

My words were cut off by his lips pressing firmly against mine. I sat there in shock before his fingers sunk into my hair and held me to him. My eyes unconsciously shut as a soft whimper was muffled between our lips. His lips were soft but his kiss wasn't. He didn't have to fight for dominance, my body seemed to sag against his and become pliant. He tasted like orange Tic Tacs and what I could only describe as Robby.

The sound of the door down the hall opening jerked me out of whatever trance I was in.

Jumping up off the couch, I stared at Robby with wide eyes before running upstairs with the intent to forget that ever happened.

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