vii. challenges

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This was stupid, so, so stupid!

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This was stupid, so, so stupid!

I should have never signed myself up for this. I bit my lip, looking away from Aiden's naked form on the bed.

"Sorry, Becca. I-I swear this has never happened before. I can get it up, just wait..." He muttered out, his face flushed. I sighed as he pumped his flaccid shaft, hoping that would help.

I had been licking him up and down, sucking him for a while now- a while meaning thirty minutes and he somehow still couldn't get hard.

"Put on your clothes and leave..." I sighed out, picking up my cold, discarded shirt to slip onto it. My ego was absolutely bruised. Was I so unattractive that I had been rejected so many times continuously recently?

"I can still try, wait-" I grabbed his jeans and threw them at him, turning on my heel to slip into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Sleeping with my ex wasn't the best idea in the first place but he had randomly showed up at my door and I had been desperate.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror, the woman staring back at me looked sad and disappointed. Why was I making such an issue about this? Just because a couple of men rejected me did not mean I was bad looking!

"You can do it, Becca! You can get any man you want- well, as long as he is not of the homosexual persuasion and doesn't have erectile dysfunction." I told my reflection, trying to boost up her confidence.

I quickly washed my face with some water and sighed in relief as I heard the door to my apartment shut in the distance, glad Aiden had left. Exiting the bathroom, I reached my phone and found a number.

My thumb hovered over it and I reluctantly pressed it, dialing the number to the man who had fucked my brains out a week ago. I cleared my throat and my breath caught in my throat when he picked up the call on the fifth ring.

"What do you want?"

"Hey Nathan, it's Bec-"

"I know, what do you need?" He asked and I huffed out a breath, telling myself that it didn't matter how rude he was. I just wanted him to fuck my brains out again-make me forget everything, make me feel good, make me orgasm.

"Can you come over?" I hummed out into the phone and heard a grunt on the other side. "Fucking hell, Brittany, don't-"


I heard some shuffling on the other side and heard him mumble out something before his voice again reached me, "You were saying?"

"Are you-can you come over?" I hummed out, biting my lip slowly. "Why?"

"I-uh. Well, you see-I...," I started slowly, my mind a mess as I reached my kitchen to find me a snack, "I don't have all day, Rebecca. I am at work."

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