Fires Brun At Midnight ( 31 )

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Ty carried me faithfully back to the others and the dragons. I was glad to see Athena and her, me. The red and gold dragon jumped up and bounded toward us. Ty laughed at our reunion as he laid me down gently.

"I knew I shouldn't have let you go in there alone. Look at you, I can't even leave you alone for 5 seconds," Athena scolded me like a worried mother.

"Sorry, Girl", I apologized as I laid my head on her snout.

"You should be", She huffed sadly as she laid down next to me.

Ty gently started to bandaged my side, leg and the other various cuts that decorated my body. He moved slowly careful not to hurt me. His smooth hands danced across my skin gingerly as if the smallest touch could break me like glass.

I wasn't complaining though as the other walked up to us. 

"Good to see you're still in one piece", Alex praised.

"More or less. I think I lost a lung in the river", I laughed but immediately regretted it as my side started to hurt again.

Ty just as quickly jumped to my aid.

"Hey, easy. It will take a while to heal. Even with your accelerated healing alright. Till then no more fighting. Got it", Ty scolded me.

I saw no chance of winning so I agreed. After a moment the others ask me what had happened to me after I fell. 

As I recounted my story, Ty wore a proud smile as I describe my fight with Zeref. He seemed impressed with me as did the others. However, when I told them about the white light they seemed as confused as I was. Even Ty whose eyes were staring at the ground in deep thought.

After a moment he dismissed whatever he was thinking and asked," Did you learn anything else?"

"Yes actually, Orthrus is in Rio."

"Oh, Rio. Nice. Finally some good luck for us", Roy exclaimed happily. 

"How is Rio good luck?", Ty question.

"It's a good place to relax", Roy explained.

"We aren't going to have a vacation. We have a job to do. Stopping Zeref, remember", Ty stated.

"What is this dude even planning to do? Like I know he wants to rule the world and stuff but how?", Alex questioned.

"His goal is to destroy the world and rebuild in his "perfect" vision," Ty explained with finger quotes," To do this he will need to be at his full strength. So he'll need to free his body from its tome. To free himself he'll need to break the seals the Arch dragons placed on the tome."

"So that's why he's killing them", Jason stated.

"Yep, he's broken two of three. The last one seal he needs is Vokoun's. Vokoun is the oldest and the strongest it's also safe to say he the smartest so he won't challenge Zeref. He'll mostly hide and hope we'll deal him."

"And if we don't?", Alex questioned.

"Well, Vokun's a good hider and Zeref used his only question for Orthrus to find Faranth's bones to forge the dragon bone sword. So Zeref will have to find him threw old fashion detective work and he's no Batman so Vokun will be safe for a time more."

"Well", Roy began ", If he's safe and Zeref busy. Then we could take a little break and nothing really bad would happen."

"We do derve a break", Alex added.

"I think it's a good idea", Jason joined.

"You said it yourself Ty, she needs time to heal where better than a soft hotel bed", Roy begged.

"He's got a point you know", I added.

" We still need money for our "vacation", Ty stated with his finger quotes.

"I'm rich", I said raising my hand.

"Yeah, she's rich we're good", Roy chirped as he pointed at me.

Ty sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.


"Yes", Roy and Alex cheered in unison.

" We still need to pack first", Ty said and the boys jumped up and went to work.

Ty sighed again before smiling down at me.

"I'm only saying yes because you're' hurt and want you to okay." 

"Why ain't you gentlemen." 

He laughed gently as he leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. I instantly became a blushing mess.

Noticing my blush he smiled again.

"You're cute when you blush."

This caused me to blush harder and him to laugh again

" Stay safe, okay. I can't lose you, alright."

" You too, okay", I added as he got up to help the others.

"I will."

It wasn't long before we were ready to move out again. Ty came and helped me onto Athena back. I could do it myself, but Ty instead. 

"Fly course to me, alright", He ordered softly.

"Ty, I not helpless."

"You can't blame me for wanting to keep you safe, can you?", He smirked as he mounted Raikou.

I smiled at him as we took off.

The flight was relaxing and quiet. I was happy about this we rarely got quiet anymore. However, when we reached Cuda our flight was no longer relaxing.

The dragons caught a new scent in the air.

Ty flew closer to me and yelled," If this turns to a fight fly low or stay close to me, alright."

I was about to reply to him that I wasn't a child, but the words died in my mouth as a black shape slammed itself into the side of Athena. She let out a pained cry as I struggled to stay in the saddle.

We free-fell a couple 100 feet through the sky but Athena was able to recover as the black figure came back into view.

We free-fell a couple 100 feet through the sky but Athena was able to recover as the black figure came back into view

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I reckon that it had been following us since the falls. The Garuda dived at us again but was stopped by a massive yellow force.

Raikou dived at the blackbird and caught it between his claws, ripping it half.

However, the gold dragon's victory was short as more Garuda came seemingly out of nowhere.

There were now at least fifty of them. They drove at us with razor-sharp wings and talons.

"Keep moving and watch each other back", Ty ordered.

However, he didn't listen to his own order as a Garuda drove at him.

I yelled to him, but my words fell on death ears.

The Garuda slammed itself into Ty ripping him from Raikou's saddle.

The others Garuda drove at Raikou stopping him from reaching his rider as Ty fell weakly through the sky towards the ground.

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