Chapter 7 : That Night

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Lavanya Sanskar Maheshwari took a cab to the orphanage since Akash and his family had a wedding to attend. They invited her to join them, but she refused as she already made plans for the night.

Akash knew about the fact she was planning to feed the kids in the Children's home since she asked his help to place the order in his father's hotel. But he didn't know she was intent on going herself to visit .

The reason she didn't tell him was because she didn't want him to cancel his plans to accompany her. As she got down from the taxi, she saw the catering van leaving and she felt relived that food arrived safely

Then her eyes landed on Vihaan who was moving the food containers inside. She walked towards him intent on helping him .

" I got it,You should get inside. It  is cold out here " his words halted her footsteps , and yet she didn't leave as he ordered but moved towards him as she picked a container to carry inside .

When he realized she wouldn't change her mind. He allowed her to carry the little containers and they moved all of them inside without a word she wondered if winning his friendship would ever happen .

Her phone choose to rang at the moment breaking her train of thoughts, she smiled as she saw the caller id and answered the phone .

Vihaan stood rooted as he saw the smile in her face, he should have walked away, but he couldn't help lingering just to continue hearing her voice.

He had hoped she wouldn't come today but when his eyes saw her, he knew his heart was filled with unspoken happiness, he could only understand she was talking to her father with the way she addressed him as dad. Also the familiar happiness in the way she talked to her father made him aware that her family is still the same filled with love unlike his family .

Lavanya ended the call and looked at him, he was still waiting for her and it warmed her heart .

" Let us go inside, the kids must be waiting, it was my dad checking on me. He is worried about me coming here alone " Lavanya finished lamely. She didn't know if he wanted her to speak or not as his silent nod was her response .

When they entered the lunch hall, the kids were already seated and was looking at her with much anticipation, it was only then she noticed the elderly woman standing in the center of the hall .

" This is Manjula Singh, she is the one who keeps all this Munchkin's fed till now " Vihaan voice clearly held a tinge of affection towards the elderly woman who Lavanya surmised already as the cook who was talking with Vihaan the first day when she stumbled upon them .

She looked close to her grandma age and yet her face didn't radiate the warmth of her grandparents, she was short in stature and had little flesh to her bones that Lavanya wondered how she was able to feed 40+ kids .

But when Lavanya clearly looked at her, she noticed a determination in her eyes that rested her doubt . The woman may look fragile but she was stronger than Lavanya assumed .

" Nice to meet you " Lavanya stammered her greeting, somehow she wanted to get in her good graces and she ignored her conscience telling her it was because of the person standing next to her .

" The children will be hungry , let's feed them. " the voice of Manjula Singh echoed in the hall and Lavanya soon saw how she was able to run the Children's home .

Every kid knew there tasks , he little ones stayed in their place while the rest moved with a coordinated efficiency that Lavanya was surprised that in ten minutes every dish had been served and the kids were all seated back to their place .

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