Chapter Eighteen

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In a span of two days, I've gone from being forgotten and ignored by my pack, to being the only wolf everyone seemed to noticed. How can that happen, one may ask. It's simple really. Becoming the Mate of their future Alpha has suddenly made me interesting enough to gain all of their attention.

I hate it. Not being Mated to Robby—because let's face it—he's not so bad. It's the attention I hate. Everywhere I went, I was being stared at and whispered about. It made my skin crawl with discomfort.

It wasn't just the students whose attitudes towards me changed overnight. I couldn't get through a class in my normal silence without a teacher asking my opinion on a topic, like it suddenly mattered. The humans had even picked up on everyone's attention and had become curious about me too.

My pack mates all asked the same question. How could Torin Frey, the pack runt, be the Mate of Robby Killian? Why would the Goddess do that? I'm nothing special.

No one would believe how many times I was approached and asked to join a group of friends at lunch. All I wanted was to eat my chicken tenders in peace! Instead, I was faced with fake smiles and judging eyes.

I'm not blind. I know what they want, and it's not friendship.

Why had I hated the peacefulness of being ignored by the entire pack? I wished to have that back. Now, please.

To sum it up, school sucked. More so than it usually does. When the final bell rung, I had to force myself not to shove everyone out of my way and run out of the building screaming bloody murder.

Instead, I kept my head down and tried to become invisible again.

When I finally got out of the building, my eyes instantly went to the male leaning against his shiny car. Sunglasses covered his eyes but I knew they were on me too. The sly smirk that lifted one side of his lips made me shiver, and it wasn't because of the cold.

Gulping, my feet seemed to have a mind of their own as I walked towards him. I really wanted to run home.

Not knowing what to do or say, I resorted to something familiar. "Hi, Robert." My smile was sickly sweet as I watched his jaw tick in annoyance.

"Thomason." Robby retorted.

My eyes narrowed on the male. This was all mom's fault. I'd done such a fantastic job with keeping my middle name a secret.

Robby reached out for me and I slapped his hand away, my face burning as I glanced around at everyone blatantly watching us. Robby seemed to finally notice them and he leaned closer to whisper in my ear.

"Ignore them or give them a show worth watching." He removed his glasses and I couldn't help but to get caught up in his warm eyes. They reminded me of chocolate chips.

Taking his advice, I stepped forward to hug him. Finally relaxing after the stressful day as his scent surrounded me and his arms locked me against him. I didn't want to leave this cocoon of warmth and safety where I belonged.

Goddess, look at what you've done. Are you happy now?

"Let's get out of here." Robby murmured, although his arms still kept me pressed against him. I hummed, rubbing my face against his chest and unconsciously scent marking him.

A throat cleared beside us and I jerked away from Robby, my face burning as I realized what I'd been doing. And in front of the school no less.

"What?" Robby growled irritably. I glanced up at him before looking at Jesper who stood there awkwardly.

" I still get a ride home?" He asked, his tone unsure as he looked between us.

Robby pulled me against his side possessively, glaring at his brother. What the crap? I pinched his side, making the male grunt. "Get in the back."

It made no sense for Jesper to get in the back if he could sit up front. His legs are too long but Robby didn't seem to care and Jesper didn't argue with him.

I shot Robby a glare over the top of the car before getting in.

The ride to the pack house was spent with me removing Robby's hand from my thigh until he grabbed my hand and refused to let it go. Jesper was sitting the backseat, watching us shoot glares at each other. Eventually though, I gave in and let my hand rest over his on the gear shift. My excuse was not wanting to die from his horrible driving. It had nothing to do with actually wanting the contact.

What made him think he could keep touching me?!

Pouting, I got out of the car after he cut it off and let Jesper crawl out of the back. He waved at us as he jogged inside, leaving me alone with Robby.

"I got you a birthday present." Robby said cheerfully once I got back in the car.

Looking at him suspiciously, I watched him pull out something from his pocket. Mom and dad have been the only ones to get me gifts. The family would send cards with money but that's about it. I never expected anything more.

Robby held up the keychain in front of my face and I looked at it for a long minute. The male snickered at the look on my face as I stared at the toilet paper keychain.

"You're such an idiot." I huffed, snatching it from him and stuffing it in my pocket. It didn't matter that he was only teasing me, it's the first gift from my Mate.

I squeaked when he leaned over and pressed his lips to my cheek, causing my face to catch on fire.

"Torin," Robby said. I looked up at him, surprised by how serious he sounded. "It may not seem like you have much of a choice, but I want you to know you do. If this Mating isn't something you want...I'll understand." His eyes looked into mine, trying to get across that he meant what he said.

"You're my Mate." I stated simply. "You're not getting rid of me!"

Robby chuckled, grabbing the front of my jacket and pulling me to him. Like every other time he's kissed me, I didn't put up much of a fight. Instead I let him pull me onto him lap so I was straddling him, our lips never parting.

His hands started wandering, trailing down my back until they were on my bottom. I didn't even care. I was so far gone already, letting him ravish my mouth with his dominating kiss. His scent made my thoughts cloudy and all I wanted was to be closer to him. To be as close as I possibly could be.

A knock on the window broke me out of it though and I looked up to see my mom glaring at the two of us. Multiple pack members were outside the house watching, ready to see what would happen.

Not good. Not good at all.

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