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Chim: Y/n... I'm so sorry

You: Don't talk to me

Chim: Please Y/n, I didn't mean to
  hurt you

You: then why in the world did you say it

Chim: I don't know....

You: don't talk to me right now

Chim: Please Y/n!!!

You: Goodbye Jimin

Chim: Y/n, No!!

Chim: Please!

Chim: Give me another chance, I'm begging you!

Chim: Y/n...


My hope: We need to talk

My hope: in person

You: later, I'm busy being depressed

My hope: Y/n, he didn't mean it

You: I swear, I will leave

My hope: No!!!

You: then shut up and leave me alone. I'm not in the mood to deal with crap

My hope: so my feelings are crap to you

You: what has your feelings got to do with any of this

My hope: nothing, never mind

You: tell me, Hoseok

My hope: I said never mind. Just forget about meeting up later, I'll get over it

You: what are you talking about??

You: Hobi???

You: Hello???

You: Wow okay just ignore me then, butthole


Tae: can I talk to you

Tae: not over text

Tae: like in person

Tae: It's important

You: not right now, sorry

Tae: are you okay?

You: you are the first person to ask me that

Tae: I am??? I figured hyung would be the first

You: you mean Hoseok?

You: yeah no

Tae: that's so wrong

Tae: you're his bsf

You: at this point, I don't want to even be his friend

Tae: if i may ask, what happened?

You: i was upset with Jimin and he texted me saying that he was sorry, but I'm not ready to forgive him yet. Then Hoseok texted saying that he needed to talk to me in person, and I said later because I was upset. Then he said that Jimin didn't mean it and I said that I don't want to deal with any crap right now. Then he asked if his feelings were crap to me??? Like what has that got anything to do with this???

Tae: ....

You: sorry, that was a bit much

Tae: no no, it's fine. I just know what he wants to tell you and what he ment by "his feelings"

You: What does he mean???

Tae: ....

You: Please tell me, Tae.

Tae: I think he might like you

You: ...what

Tae: I said I think, I'm not sure

You: oh

Tae: Y/n? Are you okay?

You: yeah...I'm gonna go, bye Tae.

Tae: Bye Y/n, cheer up please

You: I'll try, thanks

Tae: no problem 💕

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