Chapter 5

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The whole night was spent tossing and turning, while replaying them kissing over and over again. How soft Jared's lips were, how delicious he tasted, how good it felt being touched by him, all of it. Over and over, it played on a non-stop loop, in his mind not only driving Sebastian crazy but, causing him to get little to no sleep.

So, when Sebastian's alarm went off at 5 o'clock Sebastian found himself struggling to get up. When he finally did, he sluggishly went through his daily routine. Use the toilet, wash his hands, wash his face, take a shower and get dressed. By the time he walked out his front door, he looked refreshed even if he felt the exact opposite. On the drive to work it took all the strength in him not to be lured to sleep by the soothing bumps in the road. 

        When the car parks in the garage it takes a all his strength to open the door and get out before, slowly walking to his elevator, and pressing the up button. He only waits a few seconds before, the elevator doors open with a sigh. Stumbling, out the elevator, Sebastian makes his way to his desk not bothering to check his office to see if anyone besides himself was in there. Sebastian slams himself on his desk chair and leaning back, in his chair Sebastian closes his eyes and tries to get just a few minutes of sleep. For a few seconds he feels himself beings pulled into the darkness, indicating sleep. Until the feel of Jared's soft lips against his flashes through his mind. Sebastian's eyes snap open as he leans forwards and groans, running a hand down his face and up through his hair. Why can't I get him out my mind, he asks himself. He leans back once again in his chair and stares up at the ceiling. Why did he even kiss him? No. Jared kissed him first. But you kissed him back, his conscious states. He breathes heavily through his nose. How could they be so selfish? Their friendship is now ruined. Once you kiss a friend you can never go back. Ever. Frustration, sadness, fear and...lust boil within him and it takes all his strength for him to shove deep within himself. Taking in a deep breath, he counts to three before letting it out. A knock sounds on the door and Sebastian puts on a blank face. "Come in."

The doors opens to reveal Julie, who has a stack of papers in her hands. "Here are some documents, and they're all progress reports and complaints from your employees." He nods and she walks over and slaps it down on his desk. "Give me coffee Julie, I need it." She nods a scrams out the rooms and Sebastian to roll his eyes. I shouldn't have to ask my secretary for coffee, he thinks. She should automatically do it. Grabbing the paper he reads a complaint from one of employee's.

Mr. Reed,

My name is Katie Clark from the fourth floor. My boss, Mr. Stilinskie is a very inappropriate person who like to harass woman and make comments about how men are better than woman, being sexist. I would like for you to fire him, for he does more bad then good.

Your employee,

Katie Clark

Sebastian frowns. Not in the proper format and doesn't have a good argument. Yes, he is sexist and harasses woman but he is a good worker and gets stuff done. Sighing, he sits back in his chair. If he fires him, Sebastian could lose one of my best employees and if he doesn't he might get caught in a bunch of legal issues, which is the last thing he needs. Leaning back to his desk he picks up the phone and dials his secretary's number. It rings a few times and each ring causes Sebastian frown to deepen. Finally, she picks up.

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