Chapter 19

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After that moment between Y/N and I, the taller girl tried everything in her power to ignore me just so that she could irritate me even more. I tried to mess with her but she remained completely stoic and focused on the movie that wasn't even playing anymore. "Okay, it's my turn to pick out a movie now that the last one went so well." Y/N spoke up sarcastically while standing up from her spot. Since I was leaning against her it caused me to fall down where she was previously sitting, although it was a little dramatic on my part. Y/N looked back at me with a raised eyebrow as she was grabbing the remote off of the table. I groaned in a drastic manner causing Y/N only to continue looking at me from where she was kneeled by the table. "Are you done yet?" She asked sassily before coming to return to her previous spot. I gasped at her and I knew she was joking because there was a light smirk on her face.

"Since when did you become so sassy?" I asked with an incredulous look on my face. Y/N laughed and just shook her head. "You were a completely different person last night and now you're all rude and sassy to me." I feigned hurt again but as always, Y/N could tell when I was joking as she could practically see right through me. She let out a snort and rolled her eyes so that she could be looking over at me now. She had to make a show of it so that I saw but she went back to trying to surf through the TV in order to look for something to watch. I let out the same noise to imitate the taller girl who in turn just rolled her eyes again but still didn't say anything. I scoffed before crossing my arms over my chest in frustration. I just wished she would respond to me now rather than playing along with my joke, even if her words were playing along with the joke because I was beginning to miss her voice.

It was sad that it had only been a couple minutes and I was already craving the sound of her voice once more. I was completely and totally whipped for this girl and it was also scary that I was able to admit that; usually people denied it or simply didn't see that they would do anything and everything for another person but the fact that I could locate the realization and actually be somewhat okay with it was something that I never saw myself being able to accept. I never thought I was going to really find someone that would mean so much to me, especially in such a short amount of time. I knew many people would think that I was crazy for falling in love with someone that was... also crazy... but in a different way. There's nothing anyone could describe Y/N as that would actually be true if they didn't get to know her. I was reminded of the times that I took Y/N out of the facility to try to have a normal day, but other people had to ruin it with their superficial, bullshit judgements about someone they had no idea about.

Y/N didn't deserve that, and I was reminded that she wasn't exactly allowed to leave the confines of my apartment now that she was basically wanted by the police. It was shitty to wish for in a way but at least the taller girl wouldn't have to deal with the extra pressures of other people judging her or coming out to harass her in any way. Eventually I would have to go back to work, and that would force Y/N to be here on her own and I didn't necessarily know if I was okay with that just yet. Of course I trusted her to take care of herself, but I had just gotten her back from an extremely scary situation and I didn't want to leave her just yet. I wanted to be able to spend my days here with her and not have to worry about my responsibilities but in the end I wasn't allowed to do that. It sucked that to be able to take care of Y/N, I had to go to work because sadly enough, I had things like bills to pay for otherwise we would both be left out on the streets, struggling. There was no way I wanted that either so work would have to be the only option at this point.

The only thing I could do was ask Ally for a couple more days off because of everything that was going on since I knew she would understand. I wasn't going to tell her that I found Y/N, more like Y/N found me, because there was no way I was going to chance the secret leaving the two of us. I had to protect Y/N with everything in me because now she was my everything. Of course I had come to trust Ally but this really wasn't something I was willing to chance, because at the same time, Ally was someone that always loved doing the right thing. She doesn't support what the state wants to do with Y/N but technically she would be breaking the law by not handing Y/N in to whoever wanted her. That happened to be the government and Ally could get in a lot of trouble for not doing what she was told to do. It wasn't the right thing to hand Y/N in but at the same time we were breaking several laws, and our licenses were on the line.

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