Chapter 25

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Abhinay pov

"SHUT THE HELL UP !" I whisper yelled at Tara in a scolding manner whilst those girls were flushed and fuming.

Tara flinched as she stared at me.

" Umm I -I am not lying. They were calling each other by this name only." She stuttered nervously as she pointed her finger at both of them like a child would do while blaming on the other.

I sighed and rubbed my both hands on my face annoyingly. I don't mean to create any scene here, especially at my party. What should I do?

Tara... Arghhh !! She is just impossible girl ! What does she think of herself? I don't want any cat fights here in this VIP party. Has she gone totally nuts?

I know no one could be this stupid as her and especially at her age. Does she wants to create a scene here inspite of my warning?

I rubbed my forehead in frustration again, feeling real annoyed this time.

" How dare you?" One of the girl gritted out angrily. I turned to look at her. A pretty girl in a purple dress whose name is actually Sara. How do I know her? Well, she is an intern in my company and so is the other girl wearing a light green gown. Their fathers are both a great businessman, just like me.But what the fuck is going on here before I came?

Her eyes flashed red with both fists that were curled tightly, like she could attack her anytime. Angry tears gathered in her eyes at the insult thrown on her way by Tara.

Tara, who was oblivious with  what she just said, or perhaps may be pulling out an act here, stared at her in a confusing manner. Her brows furrowed like she was analysing both of them and trying to understand the cause of her anger.

How ironic it is that Tara still didn't understand the name she used for her, was actually an abusive word. If she is still acting naive and innocent in front of us then I must say, she is heroic in this field.

Well I will see her later. It's time to first deal with these two nuisance.

I sighed and turned to look at them.

Both girls were flushed, perhaps embarassed of getting insulted in front of me. Why so? Because somehow I know that they both want to gain my attention and this was not a good start for them.

Tara just stabbed their high ego without her knowledge. She made a fool out of them and I know very well this won't go well with these two girls.

The other girl was glaring at Tara bitterly. I could sense the high time these both girls were having in order to restrain themselves from attacking her.

These both girls knows better than to make a fool out of themselves.

The other girl in a light green gown, whose name was actually Hina, turned towards me with her tear filled puppy eyes.

" Abhinay.. you see what this girl just said." She whined with her crying face. "She insulted me. I am telling you Abhi, she is a witch." And then she turned towards her with her glaring eyes and gritted out bitterly, "You are going to pay you whore. Mind you, be prepared." She hissed venomously.

Her warning made Tara  flinched visibly as she looked at her shockingly. She was confused on their behaviour.

Nevertheless, her open threatening didn't sit well with me. Tara is my fiancée. How fucking dare she gave threat to her? And above that, she is threatening her in my presence !! This bitch-- my thoughts were cut off.

" Pay you? But how? I don't have any money. How would I pay you? And wait... Why would I pay you?" Tara's baffling voice made me turned to look at her annoyingly.

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