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Lucy watched as her daughter stumbled from the stairs and made her way into the kitchen where she was making the last of their breakfast. When finally her daughter, Antalia was seated coffee in her hand looking little drowsy from the work from last night, "you need a break" Lucy said to her daughter.

"yeah" Antalia murmured "you and me both" and went back to eating her breakfast , for few minutes both mum and daughter duo said nothing to each other, just both were submerged into their own thoughts. But, Antalia broke it "I don't understand" saying very quietly and if Lucy was not born as werewolf, she might not have heard it either.

"What you don't understand" Lucy asked her daughter.

"That how did you do it all, I mean how did you deal with this ache" Antalia questioned her mother.

"oh sweetie, give it sometime" Lucy said to her daughter with love "it's only been a year, you will learn to live with this ache or better it will perish with time"

"Did yours perish?" Antalia cross questioned Lucy.

Dismissing her daughters question Lucy asked "what brought this on?"

"I don't know" Antalia told her quietly "I just don't know what to do anymore? I mean one minute I'm fine and the next, I just feel empty, shell. I know that I don't have any kind of connection left with my mate, but still it makes me think, when I didn't knew him more than just few minutes, hardly seconds I still feel this void and same time the anger that without knowing me, he just rejected me, like was this easy for him to discard me but, you mom knew your mate and still he rejected you and top of that I'm the living, breathing reminder of that, so what's your secret of dealing with the heartache that your mate caused, how you cope up with seeing his child?"

Lucy was stunned for few minutes, processing all the question and the vulnerability her child has shown , her though child, who never ever cried, always been her support system is in turmoil caused by her ex-mate, the once she suffered too, rather she still suffers from time to time.

Lucy closed her eyes to keep the tears at bay, took a steady breath moon goddess knows she needs it "listen Antalia, listen good, what happened with is not your destiny and you forget something among that, the living, breathing reminder you talk about is also my daughter, who gave me the strength to go on, for her, for you, the heartbreak caused by him was never be as strong as my love for you, besides I have dealt with it for years, yours just been years and in no time you will be over it, trust me" Lucy said squeezing her daughters hand to show her support, and silently saying that she is here, she is always here "and their whole continent in between my ex-mate and I"

"Rejection is worst in our kind" Lucy said quietly "but, it's their and sometimes you have to deal with it, and you will. You are not weak Antalia, I never made you weak, we Brington's fight our battles with head on, we don't back down"

"yes, we don't" Antalia said offering a small smile to her mother "besides if I fell weak, who is going to fend the stupid gossipers away from us" that made her mother laugh a little, before Lucy could reply back their was knock on their front door and by the smell of it is one of the alpha's guard is here.

Lucy went and opens the door and invited the guard inside her house because they live outskirts of the pack area "what brings you here Simon?"

"Alpha has summoned you and your daughter in the pack house at 12 sharp" Simon notified them.

"That's all" Lucy asked now Antalia is also present in the living room

"Yes" with the curt reply Simon was out of door without any goodbyes.

"Why does alpha wants to see us" Antalia enquired her mother

"no idea" Lucy said gazed the watch in the room which shows its only 9:30 in the morning, they still have two and half hours to reach their "well better tidy up young lady, we have to reach at 12 sharp" with that Lucy made the beeline to her room to take the shower, with the thought why did Rylan send Simon.


Their still five minutes left when both mother daughter duo reached the pack ground and parked their car at the front of the pack house, their pack grounds just like any other but, they have three pack houses well considering they are one of the biggest pack in the whole Europe, with not less than three thousand pack members in their pack. When mother daughter duo made their way towards the main pack house, so does the gossip did, they both were famously know as reject duo or rejected bitches and many other name calling, it does hurt but, what they say you take what you get. That's what this mother daughter duo has been doing for years, tuning them out, not that Antalia has been in quite fist fights with both girls and boys nada he is proud to say that, she has won all, well not having any kind of male influence in her life other than that of Alpha Rylan, who happens to be her mother's best friend mate, she took upon herself to shield her mother's honour.

"ignore them" Lucy whispered to her daughter, because she knows how hot headed she can be.

Without replying to her mother Antalia discreetly gave their gossipers the middle finger and sweet smile before closing the pack door behind her. Simon was already waiting for them in the pack house, ushered them to the alpha's office and without giving anything away went away, moody bloke. Lucy knocked on the alphas door and opened it and entered the room first to see alpha Rylan has the hard scowl on his face and her best friend and the Luna of the pack was sitting on the sofa in room looking perplexed and a man is sitting facing Rylan, so she can't see his face, breaking the eerie silence which was making her nervous "you wanted to see us, alpha Rylan"

"Why don't you both take seats?" Rylan gestured us to take seats besides his mate on the couch.

Lucy and Antalia made their way into the room and quietly took their seats on couch, as quickly Lucy sat on the sofa Luna Serene gripped her hand in hers and squeezed to show her support, not able to take the suspense and silence of the situation Lucy asked "why you needed us here?"

But this time the man who silently sat on the chair opposite Rylan spoke and stood up to face them "because I asked him to"

Never in her whole life after coming here she thought or even dreamt she would see any of her family but, here she is sitting on the couch of her alpha office gazing upon the man who was her favourite uncle among all her father's sibling, who spoiled her, loved her and even supported her at time of crises, stood in front of her, her father's twin brother not that they are identical, but still have some uncanny resemblance to each other. He looked the same just little old considering his greying hair.

"You forget me kiddo" questioned her uncle.

"What are you doing here Uncle George" asked Lucy

"I'm here to take you back" he simply replied.

"take me back" Lucy said sounding all defensive and astound by her uncle request or more like demand.

"yes" he said again "where you belong"

"Belong" Lucy laughed, the hollow laugh which can make any one cringe "why now after so long?" she questioned "what is the real reason you came here uncle, because the way I remember I never ever belong among you or be one of you" she all that spat in anger "but, to answer your question we are happy where we are and it's rightfully where I belong"

"It's good to see you but, then I'll be lying"Lucy said and gathered her purse and moved to open the door and called for herdaughter "c'mon Antalia we are leaving" and that the first time my mother'suncle gazed me in the whole fiasco, a shocked registered on his face and beforehe could say something, the duo was out of the room and the door was closedonto their faces one was shocked to this new revelation and the other two weretensed.



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