Chapter: 25

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After you had cleaned up the bathroom you walked outside the bathroom.

J-Hope was waiting for you outside.

J-Hope: done?

Y/N: yeah.

J-Hope looked at your ears real quick.

J-Hope: there doesn't seem to be a wound....strange.

Y/N: yeah..

J-Hope: anyway let's get going to the others.

J-Hope took your hand and dragged you with him to the living room.

Jin and rm were sitting on the couch.

Rm: ah there you are.

You and jhope sat down on the couch.

Rm: I think you know why we want to talk right?

You nod your head.

Rm showed the key you had earlier.

Rm: where did you get this.?

Y/N: I don't know, when I woke up it was in my hand.

Then Jungkook came walking in.

He held up a book.

Jungkook: and where did you get this from then?!

You looked closer and saw that it was the book that you found in your mothers house.

Y/N: yah! Give that back.

You ran to Jungkook and grabbed the book out of his hands.

Rm: and what may that book be?

Jungkook: it's a book I found in her room, and I don't think it's from here..

Jin: you snuck out?!

Y/N: ehhh sort of....

Jin: *fake cry* how could you?

Rm: was there a reason you snuck out?

Y/N: yes!

Rm: and what was that reason?

Y/N: my mom was dying!! Someone was killing her and she didn't answer the phone!

All of them looked at each other with shocked eyes.

Y/N: did I say something wrong? Wai- you are all the only ones I told that my parents were so bad... did you all?..

They all lowered their heads.

You covered your mouth.

Y/N: *whispers* how could you..

Y/N: *thinks* I know I told them my mother hated me... but I never said that she is that worse that she just could fall dead..

Jin: it was for the best... we heard so much about what you told.. we just wanted to make it stop for you..

Y/N: but I'm already here! She doesn't even know where this is why do you also need to kill her?!!

J-Hope and the rest kept his head down.

Y/N: is this also part of that "vampire instinct"?

They still all didn't say anything.

Rm: Y/N calm down please!

Jin: we... *sighs*.. how do I explain this.

Jin: Y/N w-

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