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Aleksander is literally an eastern European spelling of the name not a white moms creation.

Keanu sighs as I push her curly black hair behind her ear. "It's been a week."

"They'll show up," I say as I pack my lunch back into my bag. Normally I just grab food from the schools cafeteria but I knew Keanu wanted to sit outside under the big willow tree today.

A light breeze pulls her hair from behind her ear as she moves to fix it. "The more time that passes that my parents do nothing, the worse the situation gets"

"Kea..." I start but I don't really know how to finish. It's not my brother missing, I have no right to say anything.

Well, not entirely missing but he hasn't returned home in a week. Keanu's parents haven't done anything because they're not too concerned. Keanu says Leo pulls things like this all the time but he's never been gone for this long.

I've dated Keanu eleven months but I've never met her brother. Supposedly they were super close growing up but he wanted to go to a public school closer to home and they grew apart.

"It's all because of that bitch Stella," Keanu snaps suddenly switching from sadness to anger. "I've never liked that he hung around her. He doesn't listen to me when I tell him to quit hanging around that crowd."

I lie down on my back still listening to Keanu.

"I could pay her and she'd never talk to him again. I bet she's that fake. Probably desperate for money. Leo tends to hang around those sketchy people."

Keanu loves to talk trash on other girls, or anyone to be honest.

"Okay well, let's get going," Keanu stands up and dusts off her navy blue skirt before readjusting her socks. She grabs her bag off the ground and waits for me to stand up and walk with her.

As we walk to class she practices something for Latin class but I pay no attention.

The rest of the day goes by slowly but finally I'm walking in the halls with Aleksander

"You coming to tonight's game?" Aleks asks as he waves to a friend of ours in the hall with the arm that isn't wrapped around my shoulder.

"Maybe. Tonight Keanu wanted me to join her in tennis practice."

"Doesn't she do that at four? And c'mon, tonight's a big game against Oaks. You used to be so heavily invested in the game. What happened man?"


"School has always been tough. And y'know, when you were on the team you got out of plenty of school work so that's bull."

"Fine. It's school work, tennis practice with Keanu, and then my father forcing me to spend more time on the horse."

We finally reach the doors leading out to the parking lot.

"Which speaking of." I snap my finger. "I promised my father I'd be back by three."

He removes his arm and I start to walk away. "See you Pollock!"

I signal a goodbye with my hand before whipping out my keys to my 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, in black of course.

Majority of the teachers here hate me and I'm not sure if it's because they're jealous of me or I'm just a brat. Likely both. Then again they hate us all, us teens could spend what they make a year on a car. Whatever, it's the last week of school, I don't see them for two months after this week.

I'm an only child, I tend to be a little spoiled. Unfortunately, even though the positive is that I'm far more spoiled, my parents focus all their attention on there one and only offspring. Andrew Pollock, the only son to carry on the family name.

I take the long route home in hopes to drag out the time I've got to get back. Eventually I get home and park in the driveway before heading towards the house where I'm greeted by my father.

"Hurry up Andrew," he says. "Change out of your uniform and into riding clothes."

I barely say anything as I walk past him, kicking my shoes off at the door and ignoring him as he continues to lecture me about my bad manor or whatever. I quickly make it upstairs and down the hall to my room where I change before heading outside.

Nano is a thoroughbred horse meant for racing. He's my dad's horse but I usually train with him. My horse is an appaloosa but now that I've been practicing more I've been riding Nano because he is far more trained.

"Tack him up, will you?" My dad calls out from inside the stable.

"Does he need to be groomed?"

"No," he yells out. "Mila was by this morning, she mucked the stalls and groomed both Nano and Poppy because you never do." My father emerges from the stable and into the pen. "Practice a bit today and tomorrow I'll take them in the trailer to--"

"Tomorrow Keanu has a tennis tournament that I can't miss," I say already knowing he's going to get pissy.

Mila is twenty three and she comes to the pen everyday to take care of the horses. She trains them and does everything with them because she can't afford to buy her own so we pay her to train them whilst she also gets to use them for competitions. She even named Nano.

"Andrew, I've been extremely busy with work and I finally have time for all of this." When I was younger I did (and occasionally still do) competitive horse jumping but dad wants me to take on something like National Hunt racing as if I had the time for that. He was never close with his dad but all his time was spent trail riding with his mother or training. He used to do endurance racing.

I don't have the same interest, in fact I barely care for anything horse related but it's the only way my dad and I spend time together.

"Yes I know dad but I need to go to this tournament."

"Fine. But you're lucky I like the girl. Speaking of, I spoke to her father just yesterday and we have dinner plans for Sunday so I expect you to be there."

"With Elijah?"

"You refer to him by first name?" My dad snaps.

"He insisted I do. "

"Yeah, yeah. Go tack up Nano," he says.

I walk past him to my tack locker inside the stables. Considering the stables are built on our property and not a barn shared with other people, we still have quite a bit of tack lockers.

Nano is already hooked up to the cross ties so from the tack room I grab all the stuff I need and start to placing the saddle pad and putting on the saddle. Dad used to always yell at me for not putting the girth tight enough when I was younger. My saddle would tilt while I was riding. I then work on the bridle and everything goes by so much quicker thanks to Mila grooming the horse.

"C'mon Andrew!" He calls out. I roll my eyes but finally finish tacking Nano and leading him outside. The pen is small and usually I ride out on the property because we have a lot of it. That or Mila takes them up to the barn but that's usually in winter so we can ride them indoors without freezing.

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