First Kiss

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PSA: korekiyo's sister doesn't exist in this book. I don't care that it messes with his character, she doesn't exist. He just likes wearing lipstick, okay?

•His kisses tend to be sudden and unexpected.
•The first kiss was after he had won a game for his team
•He ran to you, hugging you tight and kissing you
•His fans where startled
•Especially the few girls who had kind of chased after him
•But most cheered
•Some seemed disappointed
•Little shits
•But you blushed wildly and kissed back
•"Stole your kiss like i stole second base~"
•You role your eyes at the pun
•But are happy

•The bullies had been particularly ruthless for a week now
•You where really starting to feel down
•Ishi notices and is really unsure how to cheer you up
•You're talking to him, and you accidentally let it slip out that you're starting to believe the nasty things they're saying
•His eyes immediately fill with concern
•He grabs your face and brings you into a gentle, all too short kiss
•After he pulls away he, being surprisingly quiet and soft in his voice
•"You're the most beautiful girl in the world Y/N... Don't believe anything they say, promise me that you won't..."
•You smile and hug him, he rubs your back.

•Kinda rough with his kisses
•The first was after a guy had been a bit too close for comfort
•Mondo had been getting increasingly more and more angry as time went on
•Once the guy left he grabbed you and brought you close, kissing you roughly but still held a loving look in his eyes
•You blush, returning the kiss
•"Y/N... Nobody gets to be that close to you but me..."
•You nod and agree, he holds you close

•His kisses are spur-of-the-moment and usually very loving, gentle more often than not

•The first was while you had just finished helping him feed all his pets
•You turned to him after finishing
•He grabbed you and kissed you softly, smiling
•You blushed, but kissed back
•He held you there for a while, pulling away and just holding you for a long time
•"My dark queen is the most kind hearted goddes in all of the immortal world..."

•He's a gentle one
•At one point you where both trash talking to eachother
•You told him, without thinking, to prove that the things you where saying about yourself weren't true
•He grabbed you and kissed you, slowly and passionately
•You blushed but quickly returned the kiss
•After he pulled away, he looked at you and said
•"Y/N, you aren't any of the things you say you are... I'll kiss you millions of times or more to prove it to you..."
•Sweet boy

•Highkey a very nervous boy about intimate stuff

•Even just kisses
•The first was actually an accident
•He got v happy and excited after seeing you holding a bug for a while
•After the bug flew away he picked you up and was hugging you
•His lips accidentally brushed yours
•He started profusely apologizing
•You rolled your eyes and kissed him again
•Blushy boy
•"Gonta didn't mean to kiss lady Y/N without her permission... But Gonta like kissing lady Y/N..."
•Pure baby

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•His kisses are usually quick, as he likes seeing you get a bit startle

•Because he thinks "the primal human reaction is a beautiful thing"
•The first had come out of nowhere
•You two where talking after class, he was on another rant about the beauty of humanity
•Suddenly, he grabbed your shoulders and kissed you.
•You hadn't even noticed him take off his mask
•Wtf kork
•Warn Y/N the next time plz

•Very loving with his kisses

•Usually holds you like you're gonna disappear if he lets go while kissing you
•Like calm down avocado boy
•Your first was at the end of a lunch period, you guys had been sitting together in the library
•You got noticeably sad when you realized the time
•He pushed you against the bookshelves and kissed you
•Like full on tongue and all
•After he pulled away, he looked proud of how shocked and blushy you where
•"Y/N, darling, there's no need to look so sad... We won't be apart for long..."
•Like goddamn
•Calm down avocado

Sorry for the long delay, I know this sounds like an excuse but here's why it took so long. I have ADHD and I was off my meds for a couple of days, making it impossible for me to pay attention to anything for more than like two seconds.

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