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"He's not all that bad," Keanu says.

"You're his sister, of course you think that. And why can't you teach him to ride?"

"We've gone over this plenty of times," she says as Leo starts walking towards us from the house. We're out in the stables. He refused to wear any of the proper clothing except an old pair of my riding boots.

"Can you go put Poppy on the cross ties-- y'know what, I'll do it. You can speak to your brother," I say walking past Keanu. I push the block into the pen where he'll mount the horse.

This is not going to be fun.

I take Poppy out of the stable and clip him to the cross ties.

"Keanu, you want to muck the stalls or teach Leo to groom Poppy?"

"I'll muck. You have fun with Leo," she smiles as she walks into the stables.

"This is pathetic," Leo says.

I'm not entirely sure how they convinced him to do this. From what Keanu has described, he does what he wants, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want this.

"I'm not exactly stoked about this either," I mutter. "Whatever. Today just watch me groom and tack Poppy and you can try next time."

He rolls his eyes when I say next time but I pretend to not of noticed. I start walking to where Poppy is and he follows.

"This," I say picking up a grey comb. "Is a curry comb. You use it in circular motion on the horse to loosen dirt and things from the horses fur." I finish brushing Poppy and pick up the hard-bristled brush. "This brush you just follow the direction of their fur."

Once I've finished doing all the grooming necessary I pick up the hoof pick to clean Poppy's hooves. "Don't stand directly behind the horse and if you are do not catch them by surprise."

"I'm not an idiot," he groans. His arms are crossed and he's leaning on a wooden beam, making it quite obvious he's not enjoying this. Well, at least he's listening.

"Sure, whatever just going over the basics."

Keanu walks past me with the wheel barrow full of horse poop.

Next I go and collect all the tack and work on tacking Poppy, making sure to explain all the steps to Leo.

Finally I grab the reigns from over Poppy's head and lead Poppy to the mounting block. I toss him my helmet before he gets onto the mounting block.

"You're going to grab both reigns with one hand. Putting your left foot in the stirrup you're going to swing your right leg over."

He looks at me like I'm crazy as he stands on the block holding the reigns.

"You won't fall, I'll make sure."

He sighs.

"What am I doing again?"

"With your left hand hold the reigns and a bit of the mane. Grab up high so you don't have slack in the reigns." I move towards him and adjust the reigns in his hands. "Now left foot in the stirrup."

He does so.

"Then grab the cantle-- uh just grab this part of the saddle." I point to the cantle of the saddle. Keanu joins us in the pen. "Now lean in and swing your right leg over the horse and into the stirrup into the other side."

He does as I say without falling and surprisingly, gracefully.

"The stirrups are so high up."

"Yes I know, you're on my saddle and I'm shorter then you," I mutter as I walk around to adjust the stirrups. "And your knees are supposed to be bent."

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