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"Talia, I told you to shove it up your ass," Keanu barks at Talia. Talia rolls her eyes at the comment.

Talia has brown skin and black hair. She has hazel eyes that make her seem very sweet but she definitely isn't.

"Your such a bitch some days, I don't understand how your boyfriend can stand you," she says as she starts walking down a different hall.

"At least I have one," Keanu makes sure she's loud enough for Talia to hear.

"God, what a brat."

"What did she do?"

"Everything. She copies everything I do," Keanu rants. "She's literally trying to be me and I've noticed the slut getting a little too chatty with you.."

I sigh not really caring.

"Mind if I drive home with you today? Talia drove me."

They'll be friends again by tomorrow. Calling each other 'besties' and all that stuff.


"Great. Mind also picking up Leo?"


"Dad suggested we all ought to hangout more."

"No, your father suggested I teach him to ride a horse. I already see him enough in a week, plus this new found friendship between our parents."

"This is all very good. The more he's around you, the less he's around his other friends. Like Stella."

"Who exactly is Stella?" I ask as we reach the exit doors.

"This girl he's been friends with since he started high school," Keanu starts. Keanu and Leo both went to private school when they were in grade school. Then in high school he went to a local high school. "They're probably dating, or fucking. God that's disgusting. I hate her."

I'm not too sure why Keanu absolutely hates Stella. She's brought it up many times and it's not just her strongly disliking Stella, it's hatred.

Part of me feels it's jealousy because Keanu and Leo used to be so close then Stella came along.

"He's got other friends too but I don't know their names. I've only met one of them and he's got bleach blond hair."

I unlock my car and we both get in.

"So anyway, I'm trying desperately for my brother to start hanging around us and maybe going to school here so please can we pick him up?"

"Keanu, we have less then a year left here? And he can't just switch to a school like this. We have completely different curriculums and our school is a lot harder."

"Okay yeah that's true but fine I just don't want him ending up dead because he OD'd on drugs."

"Fine. We'll pick him up," I say.

"Great," she smiles. "I'll call him."

I listen to her trying to convince her brother into coming with us as well as telling me directions.

"Oh c'mon. We can make a deal? I'll do something for you. Homework?"

"Fine. I can do that."

Then she hangs up.

"One more turn," she says pointing to the upcoming stop light.

When we arrive at his school he's standing with two girls and a boy with bleach blond hair.

"Orange bag and black hair, that's Stella," Keanu points. I see a couple heads turn at and looking at our car. I can imagine how awkward it'd be if I got out right now in my uniform. "There's the kid with the platinum hair and oh right, that blonde girl."

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