Chapter Twenty Two

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I was dreading the moment I would have to go home. By now mom would know what I had done, declaring to the Alpha that I wouldn't complete my Mating with Robby. Not until I get a Ceremony that I at least had some say in the planning. There was no telling how mom will react and I was hesitant to find out.

Hovering by my locker that I had found my abandoned cellphone in, I scrolled through it. There were no text or anything, no one but family has my number and even they knew how rarely I use the thing. What I was really doing was wasting time. Mom was at home because she had taken off from work for the week to help arrange the shotgun Ceremony. Goddess, I know she's going to be so mad.

My locker slammed shut and I looked up to see the large tattooed hand pressed against it. Excitement bubbled up in my chest but I fought to keep my face blank. Turning around slowly, I looked up at the male. His sunglasses were hiding his eyes from me, a sly smirk lifting his lips. He was wearing his leather jacket and a tight black shirt under it.

Seriously, who did this male think he was? Why does he buy such small shirts? I could literally make out the muscles the shirt clung to.

Unimpressed, I stared at him blankly.

Robby removed his glasses, his dark brown eyes looking me over. I forced myself not to shift under his heavy gaze. I was doing a good job until he leaned down to run his nose along the column of my neck. I couldn't stop the whimper that escaped as I grabbed onto his jacket to keep myself up.

He grumbled approvingly as my head tilted to give him better access. I couldn't help myself, he caught me in a weak moment. His pheromones were so much stronger and I couldn't help but to breathe his scent in greedily.

"You're staying with me tonight." He growled lowly, his teeth nipping at my neck. I shivered as my jeans grew tight.

"Okay." I breathed, unable to say no to my Alpha in that moment. Of course I thought about my parents and how I knew for sure mom wouldn't allow it. But I didn't care, not while my Mate was so close.

I gasped when Robby lifted me and tossed me over his shoulder, his long strides taking us towards the exit. The halls weren't as crowded with everyone having rushed to leave but those that did linger stared at us. My face warmed and I pressed it against Robby's back as I tried to pull my hips away so he couldn't feel what he'd done to me. A slap on my bottom made me stop however.

"Robert! Put me down, I can walk." I argued, finally getting some of my senses back.

Robby only chuckled. He didn't put me down until he was putting me in his car and shutting me in. I glared at him as he got in behind the wheel.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I missed you." Robby said, making my insides melt.

Laughing nervously, I started fidgeting with my fingers. "Oh...that's nice."

Robby chuckled, leaning over and pressing a quick kiss to my lips before pulling back and starting the car.

The ride to the pack house was quiet but it wasn't uncomfortable. I was just happy to be near my Mate again. We shouldn't fight again, I don't like it. So he should stop saying stupid things that upset me.

I was surprised when we got into Robby's room. He had removed the posters of half naked women and his transformer bedsheets were replaced with black ones. It no longer looked like a teenagers room. Although it was still messy and smelled strongly of my Mate.

Kicking off my shoes, I jumped onto the big bed and got comfortable amongst the many pillows.

"Who knew I could get Torin Frey into my bed so easily." Robby laughed, thinking he was funny.

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