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"Mom, pass the sandwiches," Keanu says.

Mrs. Medero however is still distracted listening in on Mr. Medero telling my father about the small yacht.

"So what's the model?" My father asks as he sips his beer.

"A twenty fourteen Azimut Mangello forty three Flybridge." It all goes through one ear and out the other. "Forty two feet and six inches long. Max speed of twenty two knots."

"Mom!" Keanu shouts to grab Mrs. Mederos attention.

"What?" She practically barks back.

"The sandwiches," she says holding out her hand. I ignore them and keep listening to Mr. Medero.

"I'll show you the downstairs. There's three cabins and four beds all together."

Mr. Medero leads my parents down the stairs.

"Want to jump in?" Keanu asks as she takes off her dress to reveal a yellow bikini.

I smirk to her and she bends down to kiss me, slipping a bit of tongue.

"C'mon let's go," she says pulling me by my shirt. Eventually she lets go and jumps off the side into the open water.

I get up throwing off my shirt and jumping next. When I surface I can hear her laughter.

She swims a bit away from the small yacht and I follow.

"How's teaching Leo to ride going?"

"Eh," I say. "Surprisingly, he listens and isn't too difficult."

"Ah wait till he's in a mood."

"Isn't he always in a mood?"

"Aha," she barks out a laugh. "You'll know he's in a mood when he's significantly bitchier then usual. He's such a diva too."

"And you're not?"

"I'm a rich girl, of course I'm a diva. He pretends he doesn't come from a rich family and can be rather dry, yet somehow he is still a diva."

She splashes me a bit before starting to swim back. "Anyway, I'm going to jump off again. C'mon."

I follow her back to the boat where we climb up the latter back on.

"I want to dive from the top."

"Thought your dad said not to do that," I say as we walk past them and upstairs to the top.

"Listening to parents is boring. Just make sure you dive out." She barely finishes her sentence before she's jumped off the edge and dived in.

I watch her resurface and yell for me to come down. Obviously the parents are too preoccupied to notice so I jump off and dive into the water.

Keanu and I spend the rest of the day jumping off and swimming around. For a bit we swim to shore and look at shells.

We're out on the water till four and my father has invited them over for a BBQ. They say yeah and that they have to drop off at home to change and drag along Leo.

Once we're back I'm so exhausted from being out in the heat all day. I just chill on my phone on the couch because mom hates when I sit in the room, I end up falling asleep and waking up when it's sunset.

I lift my head from the arm of the couch to an empty house.

"Sleeping beauty has awoke."

I look to my right where Leo is on the other side of the couch on his phone.

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