Chapter Twenty Four

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It can't be described. There are no words for how good, how enticing, the scent of him is. I'd been around Omegas in Heat and was still able to hold onto my control to distance myself. But this, this wasn't just any Omega. This was my Mate.

Tilting my head back, I breathed in deeply the scent of cinnamon and chocolate. It was so much stronger, coated in the addicting sweetness of his Heat. I wanted to cover that scent with my own, and more importantly, I wanted to breed him.

My muscles felt tense and I turned from my dad to look down at the little male staring up at me with his dark hooded eyes. With my attention leveled on him, he tilted his head in submission. I'm positive he would have dropped to the ground to show his stomach, if his brother didn't have a firm hold on his arm. I glared at the male's hand on him, my canines extending. No one should be allowed to touch him. No one but me.

My attention was pulled from the little redhead as a growl broke from the crowd and I finally realized I wasn't the only one affected by his scent. He was still unmarked and technically speaking, open territory for any unmated male. I wouldn't allow that. He's mine. Marked or not.

Jumping down from the platform, I shoved through the crowd determined to get to my Mate. Only Torin would go into Heat while surrounded by hundreds of wolves. The little male has the worst of luck.

His scent was weak with it only being the start, and I still had enough control over myself to know that I needed to get him away from the crowd. I could concentrate on all the things I would do to him once he was safe. Then, I'll make sure he's carrying my pup in no time.

My sight of him was blocked by a protective female who stared me down challengingly. If I was a lesser male, I would have been rightfully scared off. Nothing would keep me from my Mate though, not even a mother wolf set on protecting her pup.

Luckily, her Mate pulled her aside even though she argued. I didn't waste any time and tossed Torin over my shoulder, groaning as his scent flared and he moaned at the contact.

Most of the males backed down, knowing they'd loose against an Alpha. The Mated males and females helped clear the path to the house, pushing back the unmated wolves.

"Robby," Torin whined, his hands gripping at my shirt as he wiggled his hips against me. I could feel him through his jeans against my shoulder. Tightening my hold on him, I quickened my steps.

I was so close to the house when a male cut in front of my path, his eyes glued to my Mate's ass. Growling threateningly, I flashed my canines as a warning for him to back off. The male wasn't so easily persuaded however, being an Alpha himself.

Torin continued to whimper, oblivious to what was going on around him. I wasn't going to willingly put him down. I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to. With his scent and warmth, the thought of loosing contact with Torin seemed impossible.

This male wasn't going to back down though. He was going to challenge me for him.

It was only seconds after realizing this that he swiped at me with his claws. Being pushed back, Calvin took the blow to his side. I growled at the sight of my best friends blood, feeling my heart rate pick up as my own claws grew. The bastard had not only challenged me for my Mate but hurt my best friend.

I put Torin on his feet, still keeping a hand on his back so he was pressed against me. The little redhead looked back to see what was happening, sniffing at the scent of his brother's blood. It seemed to clear his head some and he was no longer trying to pull my shirt off.

Calvin gripped at his side, beginning to laugh maniacally like the fucking nut job he is.

The Alpha wasn't finished and he still had his eyes stuck on Torin whose eyes narrowed.

"That's my brother, you asshole!"

To the shock of everyone, it was Torin who lunged at the male intent of doing damage.


"It's not uncommon." Mom said, dabbing at a cut on my brow. "There's been plenty of these where Mates have gone into heat."

I hissed, pulling away when she pressed down too hard.

"Oh, stop being a pup." She teased.

She was trying to distract me from everything that had happened but mostly, from thoughts of Torin.

The little spitfire had went for the throat of an Alpha, taking him and everyone else by surprise. It turned into a fight that many wolves had joined for the hell of it. Complete chaos.

My Mate has been taken home however, to suffer through his heat alone. I didn't like it. I want to go to him, claim him as mine so no one else could challenge me again.

If I'd known this would have happened, I would have at the least marked him. Mom was right though, it wasn't unusual for Mates to be triggered by the new strength of their Alphas. We should've been more prepared.

"About the Ceremony," Mom said, pulling me out of my thoughts. "I agree with what you said and I'll make sure to get everything prepared in time."

I smirked, standing up and hugging the shorter female. All I wanted was to make my Mate happy. He deserves it and so much more. If he wants me to wear a damned pink suit, I'll wear one just for him. And if he wants the whole pack to witness it, I'll make sure that happens too.

I've always been so caught up in finding my mate that I never actually thought much of the Ceremony. Torin was right though. He'll be my Luna, and he deserves a Ceremony fitting for the position. Some of the shit in his book is crazy and impossible but I'll make sure to include as much as I can.

Soon he'll learn that I'll do anything for him.

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