high skool Ricky's P.O.V

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I walked down the hall from my first gym class thinking about how everything was going to go. When I'm literally knocked out of them by some boy who I learned earlier was named Jace. "Hey newbie" he said now towering over me. "What do you want" I said giving him a hateful look. " I want you in my group, but in order for you to join my gang and me have to beat the shit out of you" Jace said with a look of pride rising on his face. "No thanks I'm good" I said walking away but was knocked down again by Jace. "Fine then you can just get the shit beat out of you then" he said standing over me again but this time with a hateful look in his eyes. Five boys walked behind him look directly into my face smiling. "Get him" Jace said and his friends started hitting me in the face and stomach. Someone kicked me in the nose and thats when I lost it, I held my right hand up high and the boys stopped. I shakily stood up and started to bawl my fist, the boys started clawing at their neck I held them there for five more seconds before throwing them to the other set of lockers. I walked away with a new feeling of accomplishment  I turned the corner happily and slamed into a figure. I looked at the figure to realize it was the man holding a little girl who shouldn't have been in this school, she looked about 12. "Why do you have this little girl" I said confused. "She is one of you but the best part of all she doesn't even know what her powers are" he said laughing annoyingly. I looked at the girl in shock and I noticed her eyes changed from brown to silver, in a second she was at my side holding my hand. "The look on the mans face was priceless but before he could say anything I swung my hand out and sent them flying into a janitor closet. "Lets go" I said as I turned and ran until I got in to the office where the same lady sat from earlier. "Could you please call Jalen Torres and Kasey williams to the office immediately" I said trying to sound like I just ran a mile. "Forget it I know where they are follow me" the girl said sprinting through the door and down the hall. I followed her as she ran into the chorus room I looke inside to see Jalen and Kasey unconscious lying on the floor I ran to them shaking their limp bodies I checked them for a pulse found that they were still alive. "Okay they are alive" I said letting out a sigh of relief, turning around to see the little gilr on the ground unconscious and right beside her was a a group of people the last thing I remeber is a flash of purple the darkness.....

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