What They're Like With You In Public

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i don't like how long the title is but just "in public" sounds kinda suggestive
Or maybe i have a nasty mind idk man it could be that

•Makes sure any of his fans that approach him respect you as well
•Will make it clear to a person if they're being dismissive of you
•If they still don't get the point, he'll just push past them
•Makes sure you're okay
•Smiles when you lean on him while you walk

•But also very shy
•Will assert himself if anyone tries to flirt with you
•But also is kinda sheepish afterwards
•Doesn't want to make you uncomfortable or make a fool of himself
•Holds your hand

•All over you
•Kinda scares off other people
•Glares at anyone he thinks is looking at you funny
•Lowkey ready to beat someone
•Calm down mondo
•We're just grocery shopping no need to fight anyone

•One of his devas usually sits on you
•If some little kid comes up and asks to hold one, he gets visibly uncomfortable
•So you tell the kid to ask him, and he appricates that
•Has one arm wrapped around you
•Keeps you close to him so nobody really tries anything like flirting

•A bit of a nervous wreck
•C'mon we're talking about Nagito here
•This boy would rather be at home eating bagels and cuddling
•Feels the need to constantly hug you
•Some people think he's being cute, no he's just so anxious he needs a physical reminder that you're there and love him
•If he's not hugging you, he's gripping your hand
•Someone save this bb

•Big ol childish boy
•Very excited at everything
•Gets distracted by bugs
•But gets visibly upset when another guy approachs you
•You roll your eyes and go back over to him
•He smiles and starts talking about whatever bug he's looking at

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.)
•P calm
•Will glare daggers at anyone who interrupts you or him
•Talks to you about the history of wherever you're at
•Has one arm around you
•idk what else to write for the kork boy

•Appears calm on the outside, but on the inside had a liiitttllleee bit of anxiety that something will happen
•Yet also really romantic and protective
•Will be kind but still assertive to anyone who tries to flirt with you
•But if they don't get the hint, he'll just pull you into a kiss and walk away
•Makes jokes and laughs plenty
•Makes you smile
•Has one arm around you at all times bc
•Protective boy

Sorry its so short man :/
Or at least it feels like it's too short to me idk

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