Chapter 9: Why Couldn't You Just Listen

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For the first time in the past three days, I was genuinely happy -- excited for my new life. But that might be because I was still on my adrenaline high from seeing a dragon for the first time. I had never seen anything so beautiful and yet so deadly in my entire life. But then again, until a few minutes ago I had never even seen a dragon.

Maryanne had told me that no matter what family you came from; rich or poor, mage or common person; if the stone says your a dragon rider, you're a dragon rider and that they will welcome you into the fold with open arms. Or that's at least what they said. It was possible that I was the only person here that was a pureblood. Most people had mixtures of all three factions in them.

To be honest I was completely blown away by that. Dragon riders being nice to mages, or new dragonettes who came from mage families. This type of stuff would have never passed at any mage academy. If your parents were dragon riders but the stone chose you to be a mage, the people at the academy would bully you until you proved your worth. But here, because some stone says i'm a dragon rider, it's an automatic forgiveness?

My eyes scaled the beautiful surroundings while my empty hands swayed by my side. Anyone who was carrying suitcases was told to give them to one of the tram's people to be put into our dorms. They didn't want a horde of suitcases crowding the Great Halls or having to deal with the tiny wheels breaking and getting destroyed. All-in-all it was going to make it easier for everyone to not lug around those stupid things.

Coin grey and light brown buildings reached for the sky, slim and straight while the smaller building were more stock, like cottages. Walls of windows on the bigger building allowed for the perfect amount on sunlight to blossom through the rooms while also allowing riders for the perfect view of the dragon realm. Some windows were open, mainly the ones towards the top, allowing for the chilly summer breeze to vent the rooms. The cold wasn't as bad as Marryane had lead me to believe, it felt more chilly than freezing temperatures. But maybe that was because of the magical barrier surrounding the city, protecting it from the winds.

With my head following one of the larger building, I took note of the silver rods sticking out of the sides. They were thick and scarred with the scratches of what I could only imagine to be the sharp talons of a dragon. Probably a perch.

In the distance, dragons chirped and whistled, practically begging me to catch another glimpse of one of them.

The part of the city we were in now was smaller, and by smaller I mean not so dragon-sized like the rest of the city. With cobblestone streets, young eager students trampled them like a herd of deer being corralled to one place. And that one place stood out, drawing the eyes of everyone from around the island. It was elevated above the entire city like a pedestal. The glass dome of the Great Halls reflected the sun above. Pale expensive stone made up the Halls while towers protected either side of it. The towers came to a sharp point at the tip and from way down here I could catch tiny glimpses of black objects at the very top, on the balcony. I guessed people.

Beside me, in the main street, lines of garlic, herbs, and quail hung from the top of the merchant's shacks while others displayed jewelry or dragon saddles. I guessed the saddles were for the very small dragons because the biggest saddle came up to my chest and I was a decent five foot two, maybe three on a good day, and judging by the humongous dragon I saw a few minutes earlier, a saddle this size would not fit it.

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