chapter four

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Published on Sep 30, 2016

"Hi, guys," Camila smiles at the camera, guitar already in hand, "I recently had some inspiration, and this song is the product of that. It's definitely a rough draft right now, but I love it, and it kind of... it definitely reflects how I feel right now."

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Lauren Jauregui iT's dEfINiTelY a rOuGH dRafT
   Camila Cabello lern jergi keep your snide remarks to yourself
    Lauren Jauregui It's not a snide remark, it's me calling you out on your lies when you've obviously written a masterpiece :)

"Can I meet her?"

Camila frowns at Dinah's words. "Are you talking to me?"

"Yes, and you know what I'm asking," Dinah rolls her eyes, "I want to meet Lauren. You wrote a whole ass song about her and had the guts to post about it on your channel, and she obviously saw it because I saw her comment."

Camila shrugs. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, come on," Dinah snorts, "You suddenly start being friends with your ex best friend who you had feelings for. Suddenly she's back in your life and you're writing songs with the lyrics you're still the one I'm after all these years. So, let me meet her."

Camila bites down on her bottom lip; admittedly, she'd been a little worried to contact Lauren, in case she brought the video up. Finally after some consideration, she nods. "Alright. But don't freak her out, okay? Don't tell her the song is about her."

"She'd have to be kind of stupid not to figure that out for herself," Dinah points out, and Camila knows that, but it's not something she wants to talk about yet. No, she and Lauren need to be proper friends first. "Are you texting her?"

"Calling her," Camila says, scrolling down to lern jergi 🥀💫 in her contacts and tapping on call. As the phone rings, Dinah bounces on her chair impatiently, and when Lauren picks up, it's like an instant smile blossoms on Camila's face. "Hi, Lo. I was wondering, um, would you want to come over? Like, right now?"

"I'm working right now," Lauren says, and her voice is low, whispered, "but I can come after. I get off at eight."

"Yes, another sleepover! You know, you still talk in your sleep," Camila smiles fondly; she'd gotten up in the night for some water, and had clearly sobered up in her sleep, and Lauren had rolled over, mumbled monkey cupcakes and Camila had almost choked on her drink. "Why are you being so quiet, anyway?"

"Yes, I'm fully aware I still say stupid shit in my sleep, thanks, and I work in the library on campus, and I'm not supposed to be on the phone." Lauren tells her, mumbling, "The only reason I answered is because I was listening to music so I've got my headphones in. I really have to go but I'll call you when I get off, okay?"

"Okay," Camila replies, "have fun working!"

Lauren laughs. "I won't. Call you as soon as I get off."

Once Lauren hangs up, Camila sighs, caught up in the realisation that Lauren isn't really as free as she is. Camila could drop everything and go on vacation right now, because she's her own boss, and she has the money to do that. Lauren, on the other hand, has to work for someone else, as well as go to college for her degree, and sometimes has to live off ramen noodles for weeks because she's trying to get a degree. It's another realisation that they're so different, and they've always been so different.

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