Soulmate AU

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Gh hello
I am very tired right now

•You can't see color until you touch your soulmate for the first time
•You found eachother during a gym class
•This dude ran right into you
•You both sat there stunned for a moment
•Then he got up and just kinda,,,
•Carried you out of the room
•Left the school
•Took you back to his house
•Do i need to continue you know where this is going

•You're always cold until your soulmate touches you, at which point you'll feel your body heat up
•You met because he had put a hand on your shoulder to try to comfort you
•You both stood there stunned
•You both blushed at the heat
•Then hugged eachother happily
•He just held you for a while

•There's a strip of color on your wrist that matches your soulmates eye color
•You found eachother when you knocked into him in the hallway
•When you looked up at him and saw those lavender eyes your heart skipped a beat
•He looked to be in shock when he saw your eyes
•He just immediately kissed you
•A bit rough but he was still trying to be gentle
•Keyword trying

•You have the same tattoo on your wrists, and once you hear your soulmate's voice the tattoo disappears and makes a small tingling sensation
•You found eachother because you had commented on his hamsters on the first day of school
•He blushed and hid his face, but still hugged you close
•After a little while, he got a bit braver and kissed you softly
•His devas all squeak in approval

•All your emotions are very dulled until you meet your soulmate
•You two got put together for a project
•Out of nowhere you both get a rush of happiness
•You look at eachother
•He apologizes that you're stuck with him
•You hug the marshmallow boy
•He gets brave and kisses you

•The first thing your soulmate will say to you is tattooed on your arm
•Yours was someone talking in third person, so your heart skipped a beat when you heard Gonta talking to someone using third person
•When he figured it out, he was very blushy but very huggy
•Basically picked you right up off the ground while hugging you

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•Red string AU obviously
•You found eachother while he was at a museum
•He just chuckled and hugged you
•Man idk what else to

•When your soulmate first says your name, you'll feel an unexplained, but desperate need to hug them
•You at one point asked him to hand you a book
•All of a sudden he's hugging you tightly
•He whispers your name and you immediately cling to him
•Probably some happy crying in there
•He kisses you slowly and gently
•Yes you're cute as well don't try to tell me otherwise

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