Chapter: 29

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???: so...? Have you decided...?

You looked around.

Y/N: who is there..??

You heard footsteps behind you.

Jin: everything alright Y/N...?

Y/N: yeah... just voices.

Jin: well okay then.

Jin putted his arm around your shoulder.

He was looking up.

Jin: so Y/N. I need your help with something.

Jin: come.

He turned around without looking at you (you didn't see his face)

And began to drag you with him.

Y/N: what do you need help with.?

Jin: you'll see just hurry.

He was dragging you for almost a minute.

Then suddenly you heard a giant roar echoing through the halls.

Y/N: V?

Jin: sh*t!

He began to run still dragging you with him.

Y/N: yah! What's going on?!

Jin: nothing just shut up and run.

You looked behind you and saw V (in lion form) running towards you and Jin.

Jin: get down human!

Y/N: wha-

He pushed you down but that made him being grabbed by V.

V ran away with Jin in his tail and a fox jumped off his back and ran to you.

The fox turned to Jimin.

Jimin: are you okay?! Are you hurt?!

Y/N: I'm fine but what was that about?!

Jimin: you didn't see it?

Y/N: see what?

Jimin: his eyes. You should always look at them.

Y/N: but he was looking away all the time!

Jimin: anyway we should get out of this part of the house quickly.

Y/N: why?

Jimin: just come. It's dangerous in these halls.

Then again the whole hall went dark.

Jimin: ow no. Y/N grab my hand!

You reached out in front of you trying to find his hand.

Y/N: I can't find it!

You heard a weird sound.

It sounded like.


You didn't hear Jimin's voice anymore it was only the wing sound that could be heard.

You then saw what made the sound.

You then saw what made the sound

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