62: Lucky Number Seven

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Jungkook's still holding your hand.

Your father and Seoungmin haven't felt the urge to separate you just yet, and you're more relieved than words can describe.

Because of the narrower cut of the hotel hallways, Yoongi can no longer stand abreast with the other two of you. He strides along in front of you, his gait sluggish and unconcerned.

He's going really, really slow - slow enough that even you have to shorten your stride as you keep pace behind him.

It's irritating Seoungmin, since he and your father keep having to slow their pace as Yoongi  peruses the corridors like he's got all the time in the world.

"So, I'm curious," Yoongi comments, inching by a painting in the hallway. His eyes appear to be intensely critiquing the vibrant splashes of blue and lavender paint, but you can somehow tell that he's not really thinking about the paining at all.

Although the thought is inopportune and out of place, you're a little proud that you can read the lilt of his chocolate eyes so well.

Yoongi's hedging comment rumbles inignorably by your father and Seoungmin.

The two of them seem reluctant to take part in any conversation with Yoongi, but you get the feeling that there's some type of obligatory respect due him for once being the biggest Boss in Daegu.

Neither of them look back, but your father motions for your companion to continue.

At the sign, Yoongi's lips purse and his eyes widen in a kind of comically fake innocence. "No ice sculptures? I thought this was supposed to be a classy party."

For the love of all things.

Even though neither your father nor Seoungmin deem that inquiry worthy of a reply, Jungkook lets out a small huff of air that sounds suspiciously like laughter.

That laughter sets Seoungmin over the edge.

He turns over his shoulder and snipes coolly, "I'm not sure you know what class is."

Your fearless leader, the man with a retort for everything, shrugs and says, "Well, I'm not sure you guys know how to throw a party."

You lean toward Jungkook. "I just wanted you to know that it was really great to know you. Honestly. But if we're reincarnated and meet again, please don't talk to me. I can't live through this again."

Jungkook snorts, pressing his lips together in a sad effort to muffle his untimely laughter, and you have to cover your own mouth in response.

Suddenly, it hits you.

The three of you are laughing.

It's just like the mansion's bathroom with Taehyung and the shampoo gun - lots of laughter in a very non-laughable situation.

The same, but also very, very different.

This time, Taehyung could be dead.

But then Yoongi sighs, "I really thought there would be a swan," and a giggle bursts from you.

It has to be the nervousness, the fear - two emotions that have such drastic pull on human behavior. Dangerously metamorphic feelings that can make you laugh in the face of death - literally.

Yoongi is once again ignored by the two men leading you down the corridor, but Seoungmin's jaw is set on edge.

Your father is as plastic as ever.

Eventually, the plush carpet angles sharply to the right, branching down a hall that veers off from the main path. At the end of the hall is an unmarked door, dead-ending the short detour.

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