Chapter 8: A Birthday Party

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It took Lavanya few minutes before she noticed her father was looking at Vihaan and the nervousness that built in her was solely due to the fact she never told her father about him .

She had plenty of chances to say something about Vihaan in casual conversation, but she was worried talking about him would give her parents the idea he was her boyfriend which he wasn't and she was still rooted in her father's embrace that she didn't like it when her father gently parted away from her and walked towards Vihaan .

It was like her worst nightmare happening right before her, her mind was filled with possibilities of what could go wrong. From her father protectiveness to Vihaan avoidance . What if Vihaan didn't greet his father and ended up staying silent even when her father was talking to him.

What if her father behaved like a protective bear and chased Vihaan away before she could secure his friendship. It made her so very worried as she tried to catch up with her father in hopes of preventing a disaster

" Dad, " She tried to make him stop before unleashing his protective mode. But she was shocked and very surprised with her father greeting .

Vihaan stood still as if waiting for his execution, he waited for her father to dismiss him with few words, no one would accept a nobody like him to be near their daughter .

" You must be Anjali's big brother , I am Sanskar, Lavanya's dad " her father's voice greeted Vihaan and he didn't know how to react to such a greeting.  The smile in her father face made him bit relaxed .

But the thought Lavanya shared everything about him didn't set well with him either. It must have crossed in his face as he looked at her, that she was quick to jump in with her defense.

" I didn't say anything about you, " Lavanya spoke up as she became aware Vihaan didn't like being talked about behind his back, but it was her father who really cleared his doubt .

" Yes, you didn't Princess. And we will talk about it later and it was your sister who told me about you, I called my daughter phone and she answered.  I assume she is still talking with my wife ,she is quite talkative unlike you " Lavanya's dad spoke up making Vihaan aware that he hadn't spoken a word till now .

" I am sorry sir, " Vihaan stammered not realizing what else to say, he became very aware of the fact the man before him was a soon to be judge and how would he feel if he learns his father was a murderer.

" Okay I will accept your apology if you come inside our home, otherwise my wife will be angry with me for depriving her of your acquaintance . And I would like to know your name, as I can't keep calling you Anjali's brother." Lavanya's dad invite confused him,  no one in his place would invite Vihaan inside their house at the middle of the night. He expected a brief dismissal not a invite .

" It is Vihaan dad, " Lavanya answered for him worried he will not speak again except his apology, she knew he doesn't talk much and wished she had told her father about him, so he doesn't come across as rude .

" Vihaan let go inside before my princess freezes " Lavanya's dad called out again as her father held out his hand for her daughter who grabbed it with happiness .

And Vihaan found himself walking along side with them. He saw the look of adoration in Lavanya's face towards her father and wondered how it remained the same after all this years.

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