When They're Jealous

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ello ello :)

•Very clear about it
•Will tell you that he is, and if needed tell the other person to fuck off
•gets huggy and eventually just pulls you away from the other person
•Kisses you, seeming a bit pissed off
•Holds you tight and doesn't want to let go

•Gets a lot more quiet than usual
•Fidgets with his hands
•Generally is nervous
•Seems a bit sad
•Will hug you after the other person walks away, asking you if you love him
•You of course say yes, hug him back
•He relaxes, calming down

•Angery boye
•Tries to just pull you away
•Honestly is ready to fight the person
•Keeps you in a bear hug as much as possible
•In general very protective

•All of his devas and gundham himself will be aggressively glaring at the person
•Hold your hand tight
•Keep you at his side
•Lowkey wants to sic his bear on the other person
•Calls you *his* dark queen so the other guy will get the point

•Just seems sad
•Kinda trails behind you
•You have to reassure him that you love him
•Once the other guy leaves, he hugs you and you smile
•You kiss him
•He seems happy

•honestly do not know what to write for him
•sorry lads :/

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•Stands behind you with his hands on your shoulders, glaring down at the person
•That usually scares the person off
•He then hugs you close
•Whispers that you're his
•Smiles under his mask
•Doesn't let you leave his sight for the rest of the day

•Gets very huggy
•And kissy
•Trying to get the other person to take a damn hint
•Once they walk away he kisses you quiet a bit for a while afterwards
•Basically is hugging you for the rest of the day

Sorry this is kinda short :/

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