Arial Battle Royal ( 32 )

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Ty fell through the sky as the Garuda continued to latch onto Raikou. The gold dragon struggled against their grip.

Athena and I drove after Ty. With Athena's speed, we quickly caught up to him. I reached out for him and grabbed his arm. He tightened his grip on me as I pulled him up onto Athena's back. He sat behind and held onto the back of my saddle.

"Nice catch. Now get me back up to Raikou", Ty ordered as his blue eyes flicked dangerously with white lighting as he looked up at the several Garuda's sinking their claws into Raikou's back.

Without hesitation, Athena and I swiftly flew up above Raikou dodging the Garudas that drove at us. As soon as we were above Raikou, Ty jumped from Athena and laid on Raikou's back using his powers to electrocuting any Garuda that dare hurt the gold dragon. 

The Garuda's that were hit by the lightning imminently fell out of the sky, dead.

Ty's lighting ripped through the sky. Thunder rolled as the Garuda screeched in fear. Many of the remaining Garuda fled, however, five either brave or dumb stayed. 

They drove at Ty foolishly. Ty drew his sword, lightning erupting from the blade, he sliced the air making an arc of lightning that split the sky and the five Garuda as they fell out of the sky.

As the last Garuda's vanished from view a let out a deep breath I didn't know I was holding.

I looked over at Ty as the wild lightning around him died off. He gave me a warm smile as his bright blue eyes shined brightly putting the sky mild blue to shame.

"Thanks for the catch", He smirked.

"Always, but you owe me", I joked with a smile.

"I'll have to pay that favour back then."

We shared a laugh before Jason stopped us.

" Great, now that that over can we go before anything else comes."

"What else is left", Roy began as he gestured to Ty," He just roasted those birds like nothing."

"I wouldn't be so sure. I've never seen dark creatures fee before useless they were taking orders", Ty wondered out loud.

"Then we should leave. Like now!", Alex urged.

But as if on cue a shrill cry rang in the pale sky.

"Sometimes I hate being right", Ty groaned as he drew he sword once more.

A black shape shot through the clouds around us. The creature moved at blinding speeds. We only caught glimpses of it as it circled us.

Roy's white dragon, Aurora, opened her mouth and let out a blast of ice at the black mass. Its rapid speed made it hard to hit as Aurora's ice only hit the tail end of the black beast. It slowed down just enough for us to make out its form.

 It slowed down just enough for us to make out its form

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