Chapter 6

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If you looked at Jared you would see a nice looking man in a suit n' tie, walking down the street with a smile on his face, a confident walk, and an aura surrounding him that made you think he was king of the world. However, looks can be deceiving. His bright smile is strained, tight lipped, his confident walk was robotic, it taking most of his strength to stop his knees from buckling. The aura around him is tainted with...panic. The hands tucked into his pocket are shaking and under his expensive suit he's sweating so much that he's surprised that there aren't any sweat stains.

Walking, thoughts rush through his head as he walks down the sidewalk in an unrushed way as if he was just going on a nice little walk, enjoying the polluted when all he wants to do is run home and tuck himself in his bed and stay there forever.

Being the CEO of a company however, doesn't allow that. So, instead of running home to sleep forever, he calmly walks into his building and says hello to his employees, flashes them that award-winning smile that has been on the cover of so many magazines. He walks to the elevator and presses the button to his floor hoping that no one will come into the elevator. Thankfully luck is on his side because, not once did the elevators stops and when the elevator doors opened with a sigh not one person needed to speak to him. I can do this, Jared thinks. I can pretend like I didn't just give Sebastian a blowjob. He enters his office and see there's no paperwork on his desk or anything that indicated someone was in his office. Slamming down on his chair, Sebastian leans his head back, closes his eyes and sighs. I gave Sebastian a blow job, he thinks. I sucked his cock. His lips tingle and his heart soars. I just gave my best friend a blow job. His heart plummets and his stomach twists. Snapping his eyes open, he leans forward resting his elbows on his thighs and hides his face in his hands. "What have I done," he asks, his voice a whisper. He doesn't have time to answer the question or to let it float in the air unanswered because, right after the words escapes his lips, his office door slams open.

Slowly, Jared lifts his head to look at the intruder to see a red-faced Justin at the door. He looks so angry that Sebastian is surprised he isn't forming at the mouth. Angrily, Justin slams the office door closed and Jared sees a hole in the wall. He sighs. Guess I'm going have to call a repair man, Jared says inwardly. "You. Are. Late," Justin says through gritted teeth. Jared only shrugs his shoulders causing Justin's anger to heighten and the urge to slap Jared across the face is strong but he takes in a deep breath and reels in his anger the tiniest bit. Jared however, has bigger things to worry about, the bigger things being what happened just minutes before he entered his building. Besides, Jared knows that's not the reason Justin is upset. So he stays quiet and waits. It doesn't take long for the silence to be broken. "You missed a meeting with a valuable company and missed the hiring for the new model. Do you know how embarrassing it is to wait for someone who won't show up and how degrading it is to bow and to repeatedly apologize." Ah. There it is. Jared slowly nods as the words go in one ear and out the other. "Ok." Justin bristles. "That's all you have to say," he shrieks. Jared shrugs as his mind runs what happened between him and Sebastian over and over, not letting him forget not even one moment. He can vaguely hear Justin yelling at him which only causes him to get overwhelmed and his thoughts choose that moment to burst forward. He broke his friendship between him and Sebastian. Over 12 years of friendship lost. Not only that but if Dylan found out he would lose his friendship with him too and Jared would be all alone. If Sebastian decided to tell the public-which probably wouldn't happen- he would be ruined. An ache causes him to look down to see a tent in his pants caused from a hard on. Silent tears run down Jared's face and it soon turns loud when a sob escapes his lips. Justin stops yelling and looks at Jared in shock. Never has he seen Jared cry out of all the years he's worked for him. Now that Justin is no longer yelling Jared realizes just how loud his sobs are, now as they bounce off the walls. "J-Jared I-." Jared shakes his head and tries to say something but a loud sob comes out instead. Not only did he ruin everything between him and Sebastian, he liked it and didn't regret it. In fact if he had the option he would do it all over again and that's what kills him the most.

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