chapter six

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legit every time i post this i keep forgetting to say but like a lot of c's videos will be based off jenn mcallister or alyx weiss go watch them they're like pretty obviously dating but even if they're not alyx is gay and jenn keeps liking tweets about her being bi so...... get on that gays

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"You look..." Camila trails off, and Lauren waits patiently for a positive adjective, "no words."

"No words in a good way?" Lauren asks, and Camila nods so aggressively that Lauren worries she'll give herself whiplash. "Alright, I'll take that. You look gorgeous, Camz."

"And we're both wearing black," Camila observes, hands reaching out and smoothing down the dress, and Lauren practically melts at the feeling of her fingers tracing the length of her curves, "great minds think alike."

"More like soulmates think alike," Lauren comments, and before Camila can react, she changes the subject. "So, um, I told my mom we'd reconnected. She was really happy to hear it. Like, really happy. Probably happier than I was."

"Good to know my charm still works on all the Jauregui women," Camila chuckles, and she takes Lauren's hand, seems to consider something for a moment, and leans in, kissing her on the cheek. Lauren's heart flutters and she wonders if she's being obvious. "You really do look beautiful, Lauren. I'll have the hottest date at the entire premiere."

Lauren knows she's using the word date as a general kind of descriptor, not necessarily referring to anything romantic, but it still makes her stomach flip. "I mean, I'm not going to dispute you on that. I am pretty hot."

Camila smiles, and threads their fingers together, pulling through to the lounge. "I think we can probably squeeze in an episode of Game of Thrones before we have to leave. Dinah and Normani take their time when we're going places."

"Can I be honest with you?" Lauren blurts out as she smooths out her dress and sits down on the couch. "I'm- um... a little nervous about this event."

Camila blinks as the words go in, and when a fond smile settles on her face, Lauren feels even more embarrassed. "That's sweet. You have nothing to be nervous about. We'll just walk the red carpet, looking hot, and then go into the building and watch the movie. Basically like... like a trip to the movies on crack."

Lauren opens her mouth to comment on that last part, because she doesn't think that being on crack is something to joke about. As someone who had almost experienced an addiction, she'd rather people didn't make light of it, but she knows Camila didn't mean it in that way, and it's not like they've talked about any of that yet. That's a conversation she'd rather not have, if she's being honest, so she keeps her mouth shut and focuses on the issue at hand.

"I know, but... you have a lot of fans, right," Lauren says, and before she can give Camila a chance to reply, she continues, "what if they don't like me? Or what if- what if I trip and ruin the red carpet, and- and I'm just not cut out for all of this."

"Hey, no, first of all, the only thing I'm worried about is you upstaging me," Camila laughs, "and I mean, you know how clumsy I am, so if anyone trips, it'll be me."

Lauren sighs, resting her head on Camila's shoulder as the younger girl gets an episode of Game of Thrones up on the TV. "I just... feel like I'm not going to fit into your world. You're this... this megastar and I'm just some lame college student."

"I'm hardly a megastar," Camila snorts, "if I was, I wouldn't be able to walk down the street without getting mobbed. Sure, in the YouTube world, maybe I'm recognisable, but mainstream media still dominates. Besides... my world will always have a place for you."

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